She doesn't know that I know

It's not like it's a big secret that my wife's ex is a cop. They broke up because he was too controlling and verbally abusive. Other than that he is a good guy. He was offered a position in another state, where he could make alot more money and also double as a fish and wildlife officer as well. my sister who's also my wife's best friend warned me that they had planned on seeing each other before he left. At first I was overwhelmed with anxiety about it but then I was almost turned on by the thought. I over heard a phone call I heard her say that I would be gone from 7:30 until almost 6 this coming Friday. I was so confused, excited, worried, stressed and turned on I thought my head was going to explode. Thursday at work I asked my boss for the next day off. I pretended to go to work like normal , and parked my car behind the local tavern. I walked back home which took about a half hour. When I walked around the back of my house I seen his car parked in my spot. Quickly I ran to the bedroom window and nothing no one there, going from window to window my heart was racing. I finally came to the living room where I was almost seen. She was kneeling on the floor naked and sucking his dick. less than 4 feet from the window. I snuck up behind the edge for a better view . I watched as she sucked and sucked then his ass cheek's clenched together, I could see her cheeks expand and then cum was everywhere. I must have made a noise because they both turned towards me. I ducked and ran to the far side. hiding behind some bushes I waited. A few minutes later I heard the most horrifying noise you could imagine. I ran to the dinning room window and there I was able to see everything , her head was down she was screaming her ass was in the air and he was fucking like a jack hsmmer. I could easily see her pussy because I was behind them so he had to of been in her ass. I watched until it was over. she rolled onto her side he got dressed and started to leave

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  • Oh fuck I'm hard I have to jerk now

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