Little bit of heaven

I met this beautiful woman she's super sexy and she fucks like a porn should be perfect....the trouble started when her nine year old daughter came to visit...she's very liberated and empowered, she gets it from her momma I'm certain...but she likes to walk around in nothing but underwear...soooo one day her mother left to go shopping...she asked lillith if she wanted to go...lillith said Noooo so mom's went shopping..and left me and lillith alone...I was in my room..our room watching porn and lillith walked in wearing nothing but a shear white panty and a very small braw....I turned..kinda stunned cuz ummm I had my dick in my hand and lillith was all,"oooh, can I watch....?", I'm a horrible parental unit cuz I should have said Noooo...but I just looked at her lil ass and said, yea.....soooo we started watching porn...this does not go well..after a while natural body mechanism kicked in and I got a total hardon, lillith started stroking it and after a while she started licking it and..well you know...I responded in male fashion and let it go...Jesus Christ she was good at it...hmm I wonder how she learned...any way..soooo as the movie progresses she starts to take of what little clothing she's wearing and before to terribly long she was riding me like sea biscuit...I feel horrible because that is my ladies daughter, but at the same time I think that is the wildest and sexiest thing...she doesn't know a whole lot about sex...the and out, but she's amazing at fellatio...I want it to stop...I know it should...but fuck she's sexy and a slut...Jesus...I am a pro at fucking up!!!


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  • Had a few 9yr olds in my time , but only BUTT-FUCKED them till they got old
    enough ( 11,12,13) ! Still , so much fun getting them on their knees and elbows and sliding my cock deep up their asses ! Getting hard all over again ! Want to
    here more ,get me at ....

  • 9-12yr old girls are so much fun ! Either no tits or tiny tits ! And those tight asses ! I always BUTT-FUCK them first then eat their pussies !

  • If you were able to fuck your girlfriend's 9 year old daughter's pussy, you must have one short ass pencil dick. I'm surprised her momma can even feel you inside her.

  • My dick is small , but perfect for beginners ! Fits in pussies or butts !

  • Its pretty average actually...


  • Yea I know,I'm a fucking bastard,what can I say?

  • I hope this isn't true.

  • What do you honestly think???

  • May you die at the hands of rapists in prison, you fucking pedophile !

  • Technically I'm not a chomo...she's thefirst I do love her...she's a bit older now...

  • Awe..thank you...such grand and awesome wishing...but no...not gonna happen..

  • Sick fuck.

  • You don't even know the half of it..

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