Married man and a best buddy

I've been married to my wife for 10 years. We have sex a couple times a week. However, I have had a jack off buddy for the last 4 years.

Mark and I have been working together for 8 years. We talk about everything at work. It's usually just me and him for the first 6 hours. We have talked about whether or not we jack off and how often. We both Jack off a few times a week even tho we basically have sex with our wives anytime we want. We have both cheated on our spouses more than once. We point out hot girls. Stuff like that.

About 4 years ago, we started watching the colts play. I told him I was kinda interested in football but knew nothing about it. He said we could watch it together and he would help me understand it better. Well we would chat or whatever a bit passed the game being over. More times than not he would end the night by saying, "Well, gonna head home. Wife is asleep. Gonna jack off and shower then go to bed."

About a month and a half into it I asked where he jacks off if his wife is in bed. He said in the shower. It just came out of my mouth without me thinking but I said, "You could just Jack off here before you go. Gotta be better than doing it in the shower." He said, "Wouldn't that be weird. Me leave the room to go jack off here at your house?" I said, "Nah. Just do it here. We can do it together." He said, "You don't think that's weird?" I said, "Nope. Just two friends jacking off in the same room." He said, "I'm game to try."

So that's how we became jack off buddies. My wife was friends with his so when it was Monday night, she would go to his house and chill with his wife. Neither of them wanted to watch football. So once they left we would strip down to boxers and watch the game. Before the game was over, we would be stroking our cocks. Then the boxers would come off.

It wasn't REALLY gay. We would be sitting side by side. Our sides touching. I'd put in porn and we would jack off together. Occasionally one of us would grab the others leg. Play with a nipple. Something like that.

This went on for a couple months. We got to where we couldn't wait for Monday night. Even at work we would slip and say out loud (even tho for the most part nobody else was there) that we couldn't wait to get off work and get off.

Well, after about 5 months of jacking off together, I made a move. We were naked. Porn on the tv. Sitting side by side. Butts, arms, legs touching. Both of us playing with our cocks. I had my hand on his thigh and he had his hand on mine. Then I reached over and started stroking his cock. He did the same. Nothing was said. We were looking at the others cock as we stroked it. Then I made another move. I went down on him. He sad on the couch. I leaned over into his lap and started sucking his dick. He said, "You sure about this?" I said, "I've been wanting to suck your dick for 6 months."

I was enjoying sucking his dick. He hadn't had a blowjob in 5 years. I had been sucking him for 15 minutes when he moaned that he was about to cum. I swallowed his load. Then I finished by jacking off onto my chest.

This was a new step. I couldn't stop thinking that I couldn't wait till Monday so I could suck his dick. He even said at work, "Too bad we can't hang out more than just Monday. I wanna suck your dick right now." Soon we didn't even watch the football game. Soon as the wife would leave, we would get naked and start sucking each other's cocks.

It's been 4 years now. We went from friends to now having full on sex. Wives have no idea that for the 3 hours we are alone in my house, we are gay lovers.

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  • One of the most exciting blowjobs came from a very young guy near the University.
    I went inside a Xxx theatre and he asked me if I wanted company. No let me remind you I’m 52 and married and never really frequent these places. I was feeling the need to hack off since wife was holding out.Once he reaches for my zipper and pulls out my cock he lets out a mmmmm nice thick size . I immediately ask him about if he has any disease and he assures me know but tells me he will use a condom if I like. He proceeds to tell me his girlfriend is the worst when it comes to sex and he wanted to try something different. I let him suck me and I’ll have to admit he made love to my cock. I exploded huge loads into his mouth but he swallows every drop

  • Me and a college roommate did the same. When we lived in the dorm, we would split a bottle of Chianti, get naked, and sit on one of the beds and stroke our hard cocks together. We would occasionally reach over the stroke the other's but never went past that.

  • Who’s was bigger ?

  • I love sucking cock and now have a married friend who loves getting sucked. awesome

  • I want a mate like that so bad

  • So do I & I love to suck & swallow, am married & wife has no clue any takers I’m in San Jose Ca

  • I am in SJ every month wish we could hook up.

  • I totally understand. We started off just jerking off together, but now, I'm his regular cocksucker. He doesn't reciprocate and I don't want him to. I like knowing I'm serving him sexually. Did I mention he's my SIL? No wonder my daughter married him, he's hung like a horse.

  • I am 58 but started my interest in sucking cock only 8 years ago. It was never something I thought I was interested in, but discovered that I love sucking cock. I of course enjoy having my cock sucked also, but it is not a requirement. I love being nude and on my knees with another mans cock in my mouth.

    My problem is the following. Whenever I met a married guy and suck his cock, they ALWAYS say that it was the best blowjob that they have ever received. But they are rarely wanting to repeat. It is just confusing. I tell them I don't want a relationship, just a convenient m2m sex situation.

    If they do agree to repeat, they generally are inquisitive in fucking me, but again, once they have done it once, they disappear.

    I would love to have a friend where we could play. I would happily be his bottom bitch .. taking his cock as frequently as he wants.

    I don't want an emotional relationship with the other guy, as i am happy with my relationship with my wife, I just want to use each other for sexual satisfaction.

  • I completely understand. I am also looking to meet a man to suck his cock and want to bottom for him on a regular basis. Like yourself, all I want is to mess around with the one man so that we don’t worry about STDs.

  • I've been married for 20 years and I've had a fuck buddy now for about 5 years. We slowly graduated from jerking off together to sucking each other off and then fucking. It just gets better all the time.

    Our latest thing is for me to dress like a woman and he fucks me doggy. Long blonde wig, stockings, short black dress, fake silicon boobs, black lacy bra. I wear a white blouse and leave it undone so he can get to my fake tits and suck them.

    He's a big guy and I'm only slightly built and he says I look like a woman and it's just like fucking a woman. You should try it.

  • Wow! You’re lucky. I want to dress like a slut for a man and get fucked

  • I've had a jack off buddy too for a few years now but we were always shy about cock sucking. We used to do it now and then but we always thought it was going too far. Until he came in my mouth one night and he was over the moon. He said how his wife would never let him cum in her mouth. It really wasn't a big deal for me. I was sucking hard and when eh came it took me by surprise but I just swallowed it and kept sucking. After that we did it all the time and we always cum in each others mouths now. I don't think we'll ever fuck though.

  • I thought I was the only one doing this but it looks like it's a lot more common than I thought. We rushed into it though and started fucking each other within a few weeks. I had fucked plenty of women in the ass and I knew they had liked it but I had no idea how good it felt.

    I'll never forget the first time I felt a cock in my ass. He lay on his back in the shower and I squatted over him and lowered myself onto his cock. I felt it sliding up into my asshole and I couldn't believe how good it felt. I rode his cock slowly so I could savor the feeling of that cock inside me.

    I thought that was good but it was even better when he fucked me doggy for the first time. It felt completely different being on my hands and knees with him in control and thrusting his cock into me.

    He's not as keen on me fucking him up the ass but I love it. Now we use plenty of lube so he can fuck me 'like a woman.'

  • I prefer riding him. I especially loved how he pulled down on my hips when he came in my ass

  • I like to be fucked doggy too.

  • I have a jerk off and suck buddy too and I'm dying for him to fuck me but I don't know how to ask him. We sort of agreed we'd never go that far but we also agreed never to go further than jerking each other off.

  • You'll love it. It's the best feeling in the world being fucked up the ass. Just tell him you've been wondering what it would feel like and how women seem to like it and fucking man up the ass should feel the same as fucking a woman up the ass. If you're already sucking each other off it's not a big leap to fucking.

  • That's true. The first time my jack off buddy and I fucked each other he said. "After you've had a cock in your ass, women just don't seem important any more."

  • For sure, once you've had cock you won't want to stop. I'm glad my wife lost interest that gave me the green light to get some dick!

  • That's almost exactly how it happened with me and my best friend only we are both in unhappy marriages with wives who have lost interest in sex. We started talking about how we'd rather jerk off than try to get a fuck out of our wives. We started watching the football then graduated to porn and jerking off together, then jerking each other off and then sucking each other off.

    We tried fucking each other but he didn't like taking it up the ass. I do though and our latest thing is I sit on his cock and when he cums in my ass I cum on his belly. I had no idea that sucking a cock and being fucked in the ass could be so good.

    We both love it. Our "Boys Night' is the highlight of our week.

  • Your story is awesome! Wish I had a jack off buddy!! Just not being satisfied at home and having to satisfy myself just isn't that much fun, but necessary !!

  • I knew my next door neighbor was gay for he told me he was. He was 34 and I was 16 and he asked me one day if I ever had a guy cum on me and I told him NO but he kept talking about how he'd love to cum on me and I thought he meant jacking off over me and he said no naked bodies one on top of the other facing each other and going thru the motions of getting fucked rubbing your coc k together till you cum and the more he told me about it the more I got aroused.
    We were laying on the living room floor and he slowly undressed me then himself and he took hold of my cock and gave it a few squeezes and I started getting harder by the minute and he got over the top of me squirted some KY on my belly and thighs and began sliding back and forth lowering himself down onto me holding onto my hips kissing my neck which I started in liking and he kissed longer and longer working down to my nipples and when he started in sucking them I took hold of his head for I loved that feeling and he kept right on pulling my nipple into his mouth teasing the tip with his toung and I started in raising my hips towards him going thru the motions of fucking him and he said he was about to cum and without thinking I said "in meeeee" and he kissed my neck raising my legs up onto his shoulders rubbing his cock against my ass pushing it into me little by little till he was fucking me hard. He stopped raised my legs even higher buried his cock deep into me and exploded his cum deep into me.
    God I loved the feeling getting fu ck ed by him and feeling him cum in me deep and three times that afternoon he filled my ass with his cum.
    I now visit him and a few of his close friends about every day after school and all day long on the week ends

  • I'm a married cocksucker too. I started for some thrills after the wife lost interest. I thought I'd try it and then stop but it's been over 10 years and I want more cock and more cum every year.
    Now I rather suck cock than fuck a disinterested wife. I love a big cock in my mouth shooting a big load. I've also have a few up my ass too and have fucked a few guys too.
    Mostly I suck cock and rim when the asshole calls my name! I've always loved rimming womens assholes but it so kinky rimming a man's ass especially when it's not too clean. I love that funky ass smell.
    I wish I'd started M2M sex much sooner it is so hot! Big dicks and big loads are the big thing for me now!

  • I like it too. Being on my knees in front of a guy with his cock filling my mouth is the hottes5. I was 12 the first time and always liked it. The older the better then.

  • That's so much like me ! I started having sex with men when she lost interest. Now M2M sex is all I want to do. I could not care less about fucking her (she's fine with it too) As long as I can get some dick and a big load I'm happy.
    Rimming an asshole that smells like an ass is great too. I jack off, finger my ass and smell it and cum big! I eat my loads too especially when I haven't had any cum in awhile.
    Unfortunately, I don't live close to an ABS with glory holes. But I went last week and sucked a big black dick and swallowed his load. I really could suck cock 4 or 5 times a week.
    If I could find a regular I felt safe with I'd get my ass fucked more often. I only probably get fucked 2 or 3 times a year and get to fuck some ass 1 or 2 times.
    I'm glad my wife doesn't need dick now but I sure do.

  • I love sucking cock to wife lisa doesn't have a want for sex so on Saturday morning I go down to the adult book store and play with dick before she gets many horny married men like me looking to blow a load before the wife gets sucking dick in the morning then fucking the wife at night dropping my load in her warm cunt

  • I am 57 and had a young guy at the club hit on me and asked if he could suck me off. I was tipsy and it sounded good. I am a straight married guy but this 20 yr old asking to suck me off was hot. We went out to his truck and damn he went down on me . I filled his mouth with cum. after that I had to see his cock and I let him cum in my mouth. Love sucking cock. Went home and tried to tell the wife but she wasn't believing me ,even though I could taste cum when I kissed her. I'm gonna have to invite him over so she can witness it first hand.

  • My fantasy has always been to be fucked. I got fucked for the 1st time when I was 24. I picked up a tranny while coming home from work. I dropped "her " at her house and she asked me if I wanted to come up for awhile. I said "yes". Once inside we sat on the couch and made small talk. After awhile she noticed my dick was hard and ask to see it. I pulled it out and showed it to her. She stroked it a few times which made it even harder. I tried to get it back in my pants but couldn't because I was still sitting down. She grabbed my hand and led me to the basement where she had a cot waiting. we got down on the cot and she started rubbing that shapely body all over me. She tore my pants off and started sucking my dick like there was no tomorrow. Then we started kissing. Then she whispered in my ear "Can I fuck you?" This was something I had always wanted to happen. I said "Yes" She too off her mini-skirt exposing her sexy hips and legs. She rolled me over on my back, reached under the cot and found a jar of Vaseline and started greasing her 9 inch dick. She took my legs and held them over my shoulders and pressed that huge dick slowly up my ass. She started pumping very slowly. Then she leaned down and kissed me again. She pinned my arms tightly above my head and continued pumping faster and deeper. She pumped harder and held me ever tighter. I couldn't move. She was all the way inside me now and pumping like a savage beast. Her lips were all over my neck and then my lips as well. Sex never felt so good. And then I felt her cum. She came again and again. I loved it. But I pretended that I didn't like it. After we put our cloths on she gave me her number and told me to call her sometime. I knew I never would. But after I left her place that night I kept thinking about her. A couple of days later I ended up calling her, and we've been having sex ever since.

  • I would love to be having a sexual encounter with a tranny.

  • Me too. I am a tranny

  • Sick you admitted to being cheaters in the past and still cheat when you fully admit that you can have sex with your wives any time you want. Why don't both of you get a divorce and come out of the closet so your wives can quit wasting what little lives they have left and so they can be with someone who appreciates them and doesn't cheat on them. I'm sure they had kids for you; and cheating is how you paid them back cheating on them and the kids. It has a way of coming back on you.

  • I've got to get a friend like that. I've sucked dick twice but they were basically strangers. I need a friend I can hang out with but suck and fuck too. My wife knows I want a real cock in my ass but we haven't made it happen yet. I'm 53 and want to start sucking cock and getting my ass fucked before I get much older. I envy you guys.

  • I envy the fact that you wife knows and is cool with wife has no clue that I love to suck cock and have been doing it for years. I tried to bring her in on it but she had no interest. And yes we still have sex a couple of times per week.

  • I feel the same would love to experiment with you

  • Creepy

  • That's how it started between my buddy and I. We are both married and jacked off one night at my house drinking while the wives were at a wedding shower. Then we started mutual jack off then he went down on me and swallowed my load so I returned the favor.
    We had a hot 69 that same night and for a couple of years once or twice a week we jacked off and sucked each other off. One day he started telling me how the wife didn`t want to fuck as much as he did any more and after listening to him complain for a week or so I told him he could fuck me if he wanted to. He thought I was kidding and asked if I was serious and I told him I was curious about it and we could at least try it if he wanted to.
    Just a few minutes later and the help from a little Vaseline His dick was in my ass and he fucked me for the very first time. It hurt at first but after awhile it felt so good when he said he was going to cum I told him to cum in my ass and he did. Damn it felt good and made me cum also. He fucked me again before we had to get dressed before the wives got back from shopping. He shot two big married loads up my married ass and since then he has fucked me countless times and I enjoy taking his cum deep in my ass and his hard 8" thick dick feels very good balls deep in my ass when he is fucking me and his warm thick cum always feels good in my ass.

  • Damn. I love it, too. I'm a 75 year old married cocksucker ... and would love to have that setup. Suck on.

  • Where are you located I’m 69 & love to suck & swallow

  • What a great set up. I love it!

  • Ohh .. by the way ... the wives have known about you two for some time. They're 69'ing, licking clit, while you're sucking cock. Nice, isn't it? I love sucking cock, too.

  • Mmmmm...what a great thing you've got going with your boyfriend! I'm married, too, and started fooling around with guys about 10 years ago. Wifey's ten years older than me and the sex just died. Fortunately, my job keeps me on the road several nights a week so I have boyfriends in several different cities that I get to play with regularly. I love sucking cock and swallowing cum and getting fucked, too! I can STILL hardly believe how delicious homosexual sex I'm sure you know! Keep on suckin' and enjoy every hot minute of it!

  • Nice. Fuck him for me.

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