Wife finally gets pregnant

My wife and I have been married for almost four years. Since our second anniversary, we have been trying to get her pregnant. Nothing worked until six months ago when I suggested that she have sex with another man to see if she would get pregnant. We didn't want anyone that we knew so we went out of town and went to a bar that was known as a pickup spot for horny wives.
Over Friday and Saturday nights, I stayed in the bar while my wife went back to our hotel room with six different men, three each night. I was so horny each night that I fucked her in her cum filled cunt. Then we went back home on Sunday. We didn't use a pregnancy test, but it soon became obvious that my wife was pregnant. All of the guys were white like us since we live in a small town and having a mixed baby would definitely raise questions in our families. We have been talking about moving to a bigger city away from our families. When we do, we probably will do it all again and my wife wants to get pregnant by a black man. She wants everyone to know that I could not get her pregnant and other men did.

Apr 17

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    • I have never told anyone this, but at a holiday party my husbands boss approached me and offered a proposal. The proposal was a new house, promotion for my husband, a promotion that would triple his salary, and each of us would receive a new car every year while he’s employed with the company, in return for 1 night in bed with me, in our bed. Every year at the holiday party his boss approaches me and says the offer still stands, he’s very handsome. I was 31 and he was 56, I texted him one day and said let’s make it happen. He sent my husband away on business and he came over I was wearing the same dress I wore to the party as he requested, he didn’t last very long but for the time he did, he was pretty damn good for being his age. Before he left he gave me another proposal, bare his child and raise it as it was my husbands, and he’d give me $200k a year to a separate account for expenses. I did, never told anyone, and I’ve never needed to take money out of that account yet. It’s been 10yrs and hubby still has no idea. And no we’ve never done it again. I think his boss just gets a kick out of it, I’ve seen him with other employees wives probably giving them the same proposals

    • My wife and I have three mixed children by black guys she doesn’t know who the father is because she fucks multiple black guys snd I raise the kids as my own and baby sit as she goes out with more black guys to breed her

    • Every time we go on holiday, my hotwife gets pregnant from breeding parties.

      Missed two years due to covid. Seven births, eight bastards.

      My wife said that if I keep my cock out of her, then I can have fun with her oldest daughter. I'm so glad I agreed.

    • How old is your daughter?

    • Raising another man’s child is every cuckold’s dream. You should have done this earlier and you would have a brood of strangers living under your roof. Be adventurous next time, and hold a nigger only gangbang during her fertile period. It’s natural that everyone should know that you are a limp dick who shoots blanks.

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