Norma 8 - I did it!

I stepped forward so that my legs touched Norma’s nylon covered legs. “When I saw you in this dress today, I almost came in my pants. Every time I see you, you get me sexually aroused. This will not take long. I am going to come any second.”

Norma crossed her legs and smiled while I slowly stroked it in front of her. “Those stockings you have on are really sexy. Did you know that?” I said as my hand slid up and down my rock-hard cock. “They look so sexy on you I can hardly stand it!”

“Show me what kind of stockings you are wearing. You know I have always liked them. Are they stockings or pantyhose? Tell me they are the same stockings that you wore at that party a while ago when you made me come in my pants. Tell me before I come.” I reached for her left shoe and slowly pulled it off. Norma made no effort to stop me. She just smiled and let me remove her shoe.

As I saw the reinforced nylons covering her heel and toes, I gasped. I leaned back as the moment of my climax arrived. “Oh, Norma here I come!”

Norma watched my pulsating erection as I sat on the floor next to her holding her nylon covered foot. I spread my legs and gasped when the fluids of my lust for her spurt out of my cock and rained onto my chest. sat there gasping for breath as the white rivers of my climax drained down my chest. Norma just sat there looking at me as I drank in her beauty. Slowly my pulsating cock stopped ejaculating. Norma watched me catch my breath. “Norma, you made me come!”

After recovering for a few minutes, I walked to her bathroom and cleaned myself up. When I returned, still completely nude, Norma said, “Are you finished now? What are you going to do now?”

I sat down on the couch, still completely nude and looked at her legs. The words just started flowing out of my mouth.

“Norma, I have been infatuated with you as long as I’ve known you. You are so incredibly sexy. Every time I even think about you, I get hard as a rock. Every orgasm I have it’s as I dream about having it with you.”

“So, are you through now?” She asked as she glanced down at my penis.

I smiled as I could feel myself beginning to harden again. “You are so beautiful, Norma, I won’t ever be through wanting to do this with you. You fill me with a sexual desire that I just can’t satisfy.”

The more I talked, the more excited I became. “I just came in front of you a few minutes ago and look at me. I’m getting excited just from being with you. Do you see it hardening for you? You are so sexy Norma!”

After a few moments talking to her, I was fully aroused. I placed my thumb on the purple head of my erection and petted the shaft with my fingers as I talked. “Do you see how excited you make me? I dream about you at night and wake up completely hard. I always have these dreams about you Norma. Every time I wake from them, I have an orgasm thinking about you. Did you like watching my cock get hard? I want to do it again. I want to come while I gaze at you again. I want you to watch me come for you again. I am going to do it again while you watch me right now.” I sat on the couch near Norma and began to slowly thrust my hips in a sexually suggestive way towards her.

“The very first orgasm I ever had was while I was with you. Did you know that? My very first orgasm was caused by you. That day you were wearing a dress and stockings like you are wearing today. After seeing you in them in your house, I went into your bathroom to adjust my erection and saw your nylon stockings hanging in there. I took one of your stockings and rubbed my erection with it. It felt so good touching me while I was thinking about you that I couldn’t stop. I had my very first orgasm in your bathroom that day with one of your stockings touching me. I came in it. I was afraid so I put it back up where the rest were hanging. My very first orgasm in my life was thinking about you in these stockings!”

Apr 15

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    • Your story made me cum

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