Norma 7 - Exposure

About a week later, my parents were out of town and I was home by myself for a few days. After what happened at Norma’s house, all I could think about was her. Every thought of Norma filled me with sexual desires. Just like a thousand other times, I began to pleasure myself as I dreamed about Norma.

I laid on my bed, with my eyes closed, touching and pleasuring myself as I pictured her in my mind. I dreamed about Norma laying with her back to me. She was dressed in the same tan stockings I last saw her wearing. She was fully dressed. I dreamed that my erection was sliding up the back of her legs, barely touching her stockings. I could hear her voice moaning my name as I imagined my cock sliding up the back of her legs and pressing into her warm, wet, honey-sweet womb.

Suddenly the phone rang & startled me back to reality. I rolled to the side and answered the phone. “Hello?” I said

“Hi there.” Norma said. My heart jumped out of my chest! I rolled on my belly.

“Hi Norma!” I said as I thrust my erection into the bed as I imagined her lying underneath me.

“Can you stop by this afternoon to pick up the table and chairs I borrowed?” She asked.

“Sure,” I said as I pretended to be thrusting my cock deep into her. “I just took a shower. I’ll be over in a few minutes as soon as I get dressed.” I wanted her to imagine that I was naked while we were talking on the phone.

My obsession for Norma was so overwhelming and the aroused state I was in caused me to lose any sanity I had left. Testosterone is a very strong drug and I was about to overdose on it. I wanted her to know firsthand how I felt about her. I wanted her to know the affect she had on me but I just could not tell her on the phone. I had to tell her face to face. I had to show her. Norma would finally see the depth of my desired for her.

“I’m alone here for a few days so if there is anything else you want me to do when I come over, let me know.” I said as I squeezed my erection. “I’ll be coming soon,” I subtly mentioned. I had been dreaming about this my entire life.

“OK then” Norma said, “I’ll see you when you get here”

I looked in the mirror as I slid on my thin khaki shorts. I wore no underwear. My erection was pushing over the top of my shorts. If she looked at my crotch, she would see my aroused purple head peering over the top of my shorts. I lowered my zipper and gazed at the rigid manhood that I wanted to show her.

I was so worried someone would notice it as I walked to her house that I shortly became flaccid. When her house neared, and the reality of what I was about to do made my heart race, my erection returned in full force and lustful desire.

There was nobody around as I walked slowly up her driveway. After I rang the doorbell, I looked down and saw that my erection was pushing out the front of my shorts. If Norma glanced down, she would notice it.

After a few agonizing moments, Norma appeared. When she opened the door, I gasped when I saw what she was wearing. Norma had on a red dress with dark brown sheer stockings. There was nobody else home, so it was as if she had dressed up just for me! “Come on in.” She said as I entered her house.

I nodded and followed Norma downstairs. As I began to fold up the table, Norma turned and walked back up the stairs. I took my time to drink in the sight of her legs slowly walking up the staircase. Before I walked up the stairs, I made sure my erection was pushing my shorts out of their normal position. I was scared to death but so sexually excited I was afraid I would come any second.

I walked up the stairs, anticipating Norma’s reaction when she spotted it. When I got to the top of the stairs, Norma was nowhere in sight. I left her house with the table, frustrated that she missed what I so desperately wanted to show her.

On my return trip, I looked through the window and spotted Norma sitting on the couch reading a magazine. She did not notice me walking up the driveway. So, before opening the front door, I made certain the bulge in my shorts was as obvious as it could be. All she had to do was look at my waste to see it.

I opened the door and walked in with my erect cock proudly sticking my shorts out of postion. She had removed her shoes giving me a clear view of the sexy sheer hosiery surrounding her feet. She looked so stunning, that my head spun. I had so much desire for her, that I could hardly remember what I was doing. She smiled as I walked by, never once glancing down to see the throbbing cock that was ready to spurt for her.

I was desperate. When I reached the bottom of the stairs, I folded up two of the chairs and made sure my erection was as visible as it could be. At the top of the stairs, I paused for a moment and looked down at my raging erection. My heart raced as I walked to the door carrying two chairs to my right as I passed by her. I stopped for a moment and turned towards her. “I’ll be right back,” I said as I faced her.

Norma’s eyes glanced at my waste and the smile left her face. Without looking back at her, I walked out the door. When I reached the street, I carried the chairs in front of me so no one else could see what I just showed to Norma. My heart was racing over what I had just done. I left the chairs inside the house and repositioned my erection for the walk back.

As I returned to her house, empty handed, I glanced around the neighborhood. No cars, no people in sight. My family was gone. Norma’s husband was probably at work for at least a few more hours. Norma was going to be alone in her house with me and I was so sexually aroused, I was capable of anything.

As I headed up her driveway, I glanced in the window. Norma was looking directly at me. I paused for a moment at her door and looked down. My erection was pushing my shorts out. My trembling hands grasped the doorknob and opened the door. It was now or never.

As I stepped inside, I stopped and looked over at Norma. She was still sitting on the couch. Her magazine was on her lap as she looked at me. First in my eyes and then at my waste, saying nothing. It was obvious that I was looking at her with my erection pushing my shorts out. I was too nervous to do anything else, so I walked past her.

Why didn’t she say something? Why didn’t I say something? Was she so stunned and afraid of what I might do? I glanced down at it to confirm it was obvious and it was. She saw it.

I walked down the stairs to gather the remaining two chairs. This was my last chance. I was going to do it. I had no shred of sanity left, only an overwhelming erotic desire for Norma.

I slowly walked back up with the two chairs, placed them next to the door, closed and locked it. I walked towards her and said, “I have something I have to show you.”

Norma looked over at me and said, “What is it?”

As I approached her, she glanced at my waste. I said nothing as she glanced down, clearing seeing what I wanted her to see.

Norma laughed a nervous laugh as I stood in front of her. My erection was directly in front of her eyes as she said, “Are you OK?”

I glanced down at my erection, looked over at her and said. “Yes, I am.”

I stood there for what seemed like an eternity as Norma looked at me and then at the bulge in my shorts.

After a few moments, Norma gestured towards my cock “If you wanted me to see is that bulge, I’ve seen it now.”

I said nothing as I stood in front of her. My erection was pulsing and throbbing. My heart was racing as I just stood in front of her as her eyes switched back and forth from my erection to my eyes. “Now what are you going to do?” She whispered as she stared at my erection.

There was no going back now! “A long time ago, you told me to tell you if I needed to masturbate. The time is now. I want to look at you while I do it. You are the most incredibly beautiful woman I have ever known. The day that I dropped off this stuff, you looked so incredible, that you made me have an orgasm in your house. I couldn’t even wait until I was at home by myself. I had to masturbate here! This time I want you to watch me. Today when I saw you in that dress, I was so turned on seeing you that I knew I had to masturbate here in front of you. Every time I see you, I get sexually aroused for you.” I pulled off my shirt and tossed it on the floor.

Norma sat there looking at me as I opened my shorts and let them drop to the floor. She crossed her legs as she stared at my fully aroused erection. “Are you going to do it right now?” she whispered.

“Yes I am Norma.” I whispered. “I am going to show you what I’ve done over a thousand times thinking about you. I want you to see what happens when I dream of you. I am going to masturbate right now. I want you to watch!”

“At the neighbor’s party a while ago, I could hardly take my eyes off of you.” I stepped out of my shorts and approached her. I stood right in front of her, completely naked and hard as a rock.

“The longer you sat on my lap, the more aroused I got. Did you know that? You made me come in my pants that day. Did you know that? When you were sitting on my lap, I had an orgasm just from looking at you. You gave me an incredible orgasm. It was the most intense, pleasurable, sexual climax I have ever had”

Norma stared at my throbbing cock as I continued. “I was lying on my bed thinking about you and masturbating when you called me today. I almost came the moment I heard your voice on the phone.”

I had nothing more to lose, as I stood naked in front of her. Norma was going to watch me. Nothing could stop me now. Norma did not say a word. She just sat there with her hands crossed on her lap, looking at me as I stood before her with nothing on.

Apr 15

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