I might be gay for my best bro

I have always considered myself straight. Always. I've had a few girlfriends and yeah. I'm straight. But lately I have been incredibly horny, and the only thing that can settle it is thinking about one of my best friends in a sexual manner. We're very close, but we've never done any of that and we're both straight. I've never thought of him like this until the other day. I had an extremely vivid dream.

In the dream I was in my room and it was late at night. He texted me that ge was going to come over (which isn't odd). He came in and was naked. I got a boner. He ripped off my clothes and stuck his dick in my ass. I loved it and came fairly quickly. In the dream I remember that I knew that time had passed and that we fucked a lot more. The dream ended with us getting married and fucking on our honeymoon. I woke up wet...

This dream was a bit after I started getting feelings for him. Is it possible to switch sexuality that quickly and randomly? And it wasn't caused by puberty because we are both in our twenties. I feel awful when I think about him because I have a girlfriend and it feels a bit like cheating. I'm thinking about breaking up with her, but my best friend is straight and I'm not sure I could deal with rejection. All of this is doing a number on my nerves too...I have anxiety issues but now I'm super nerous a lot (especially around him). I just want to love him and let him fuck me. Gods, I need him, bit I'm worried that this is a fleeting crush that will be over with soon. I just don't know what to do....

6.7 years ago

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    • Just another shirt lifter talking shite .

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