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If this site allowed pictures what would be the two pics you’d post? I’d post a giant very stiff cock sticking straight up with very tight balls and precum dripping from the cock head. The other would be of a gorgeous young 22 year old girl on all fours pushing her perfect extremely hairy pussy and asshole towards the camera. Lush black pubic hair covering her sweet holes yummy

Apr 11


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    • I’d post one of me fucking your mother doggie style in the ass and the other of her with my cum blown on her face and my cock in her mouth tasting her own asshole as gets the last of my cum.

    • Oh you’re the guy that was the confirmed asshole birth. You slid straight out of your whore beast mothers filthy asshole. All covered in AIDS and shit. You’re a dumb nigger too, right?

    • Ttaormina95@gmail

    • Daddybigbad@yahoo.com

    • With you in the hairy cunt. I play both sides, so a throbbing, pulsating cock, balls deep in a sweaty hairy ass would be my second shot.

    • Omg a sweaty hairy ass is my favorite cock stiffening pic. Later this afternoon I’m gonna eat my girls asshole before I suck her cunt, and when I do I get to feel all her little asshole hairs that run right up her entire crack brush against my face and tongue. This will make my cock leak precum and then she will play with my balls and finger my asshole before I ram my big meat stick up her juicy pussy . When I blow my enormous load I’ll pull out and shoot my hot jizz all over her fur covered asshole and tight asscheeks. It will cover her entire ass there will be so much cum

    • A beautiful description - hairless cunt is a turn OFF - I fuck women not girls.

    • Exactly. Hairy is sexy bald looks like a child .

    • I have both lol
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    • Mke2001w8tr@gmail.com

    • Love to see mothertruckinmike@gmail.com

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