Transsexual MTF

I have been with 12 trans girls. 10 of the twelve were very hot. Two had fake pics but I still let them suck my cock.

2 months ago

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    • Where do I find one ?

    • I am so enraged that some fucktards are mad because the Snow White ride at Disneyland is sexual assault. Like did any of you miserable retards ever read or listen to snow white back in school, then again I don't think these fucktards learned anything in school because they showed outrage everytime they got F's on their report cards.

      Snow White would have died if it were not for True Love's first kiss but all of you woke unemployed, and refuse to work for a living because you are perfectly fine telling others how to do their job stupid bitches want to make it look like the prince tried to rape her. Obviously you stupid cunts need to have your brainless heads smashed with a sledgehammer.

      I'm so fucking fed up with SJWs bawwing over stupid shit like this, these people need to get a life, if your life is so miserable that you find shit to get offended over. You wonder why you are single and have no job how about you look in the mirror. Clearly these SJW fucktards never got belts taken to them growing up they instead had their phones taken away, which makes no difference because the people shouldn't be allowed to have phones or internet all because they want to find dumbass shit to get outraged over.

      Anyone who wants to start outrage should be exposed as a stupid fuck and have their heads smashed with a hammer and anyone offended by that deserves the same treatment.

    • Well you really are just a dirty poofer aren't you.

    • Better then being an asshole like you, I guess.

    • Well aren't you just a queer faggot. You take them to dinner with your family?

    • No! It's their cock I am having for dinner. Solo.

    • Whats the matter you don't want your friends and family finding out that you are a sick faggot that should be dragged behind a truck!

    • You need to not post things on here i am warning you people talk shit and nasty

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