My wife and I was driving back home , suddenly she said I need a pee , It was in the evening and still light out , I managed to find a layby by some woods , My wife quickly ran into the woods there was no other cars about , I could just see her crouched in the woods , When all of a sudden I noticed a guy crouched down in the woods , From where he was he would have had the perfect view , I could not do anything it was to late , My wife got back in the car and said that's better , I said I need one now I went into the woods where the guy was , He was trying to hide but I could see him he started to walk away so I called him , He stopped and I said I could see you watching my wife , First he denied it then came clean I asked him what did he see , He said nothing , I said I want you to tell me exactly what you saw its ok I'm not angry , Describe what you could see and what you was thinking , He said you won't get angry will you , I said No I would like to know , Then he said she took her panties off pulled her skirt up to her waist , I could see her bald pussy then it started to flow I didn't think she was going to stop , she wiped her self with her panties and left them over there, I said are they still there , He said no I got them in my pocket , I said show me , He showed me I said what would you like to do to her
He said I would love her to piss on me piss on my face ,We swapped phone numbers , I said show me what you are going to do with my wife's panties , He put them to his nose then he licked them , I walked back to my car my wife was asleep I thought she could be because she never called me , I got in the car she was reclined back in the seat , I carefully pulled her skirt up to show her pussy her legs was open a little , Then the guy came out the woods looking in the window at my wife , It was wrong but I parted her legs so he had a good view just then he pulled his dick out and started playing with himself , It didn't take long for him to come , My wife woke up and I said I think we both fell asleep . Me and the guy got in touch , Do You Want To Know What Happened Next ?

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  • I do!

  • Not really, no.

  • Sure , but I suspect it depended on what you wife wanted to do.

  • She knows apart of it know , I had to tell her

  • So what happened next?

  • The day after i was regretting what I had done showing my wife to that guy , At the time I wasn't thinking with my head but my dick , Thou I felt guilty it was still turning me on the thought of someone else seeing my wife like that , 3 days had past when I got a phonecall from this guy ,Part of me wanted him to phone I don't know why , At the time he phoned me I was on my own so I could talk to him safely , Cutting out the small talk he told me my wife had a beautiful cunt and he would love to lick it , I was getting carried along with this enjoying it , He said he wanted to see her cunt again but this time touch it , I said how can we do that I don't think so not possible , That's when he said we will think of a way we can do this , He said he has my car reg so it won't be hard to find us if I don't find a way , Also he would tell my wife what I had done , So I'm thinking how can I make this happen , To let him touch her cunt how can I make this happen with out her knowing ?

  • Unless you drug her she will know. This guy sounds a little scary.

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