My wife and I was driving back home , suddenly she said I need a pee , It was in the evening and still light out , I managed to find a layby by some woods , My wife quickly ran into the woods there was no other cars about , I could just see her crouched in the woods , When all of a sudden I noticed a guy crouched down in the woods , From where he was he would have had the perfect view , I could not do anything it was to late , My wife got back in the car and said that's better , I said I need one now I went into the woods where the guy was , He was trying to hide but I could see him he started to walk away so I called him , He stopped and I said I could see you watching my wife , First he denied it then came clean I asked him what did he see , He said nothing , I said I want you to tell me exactly what you saw its ok I'm not angry , Describe what you could see and what you was thinking , He said you won't get angry will you , I said No I would like to know , Then he said she took her panties off pulled her skirt up to her waist , I could see her bald pussy then it started to flow I didn't think she was going to stop , she wiped her self with her panties and left them over there, I said are they still there , He said no I got them in my pocket , I said show me , He showed me I said what would you like to do to her
He said I would love her to piss on me piss on my face ,We swapped phone numbers , I said show me what you are going to do with my wife's panties , He put them to his nose then he licked them , I walked back to my car my wife was asleep I thought she could be because she never called me , I got in the car she was reclined back in the seat , I carefully pulled her skirt up to show her pussy her legs was open a little , Then the guy came out the woods looking in the window at my wife , It was wrong but I parted her legs so he had a good view just then he pulled his dick out and started playing with himself , It didn't take long for him to come , My wife woke up and I said I think we both fell asleep . Me and the guy got in touch , Do You Want To Know What Happened Next ?

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  • I was camping with my family and friends, I was 17 years old that summer. My mother and I were the only two people at are camp site, and she was really drunk. She asked me to go with her into the bush because she had to pee, she couldn't hold it any longer. I was holding the flashlight and she was following me. We found a spot for her, I was shining the flashlight on the ground and she pulled her shorts down and squatted. I heard her start peeing, next thing she has lost her balance and fallen backwards onto her back. She was laughing and giggling, I pointed the light at her to see what was going on. She was laying flat on her back with her legs up in the air and spread apart, and she was still peeing. My mother has a very large set of pussy lips and a big clitoris that was protruding from between her big labia. I was excited to see her big pussy lips and at the same time pee coming out in a long stream. I was turned on and impressed with the size of her pussy lips and huge clitoris. I got a good long look at her pussy and
    had to help her back up off her back. She needed the toilet paper in her pocket, so she removed her panties and shorts from her ankles . I watched as she wiped off her soaking wet pussy, she was laughing and giggling the whole time. She went back to the camp site carrying her panties and shorts.

  • I do!

  • Not really, no.

  • Sure , but I suspect it depended on what you wife wanted to do.

  • She knows apart of it know , I had to tell her

  • So what happened next?

  • The day after i was regretting what I had done showing my wife to that guy , At the time I wasn't thinking with my head but my dick , Thou I felt guilty it was still turning me on the thought of someone else seeing my wife like that , 3 days had past when I got a phonecall from this guy ,Part of me wanted him to phone I don't know why , At the time he phoned me I was on my own so I could talk to him safely , Cutting out the small talk he told me my wife had a beautiful cunt and he would love to lick it , I was getting carried along with this enjoying it , He said he wanted to see her cunt again but this time touch it , I said how can we do that I don't think so not possible , That's when he said we will think of a way we can do this , He said he has my car reg so it won't be hard to find us if I don't find a way , Also he would tell my wife what I had done , So I'm thinking how can I make this happen , To let him touch her cunt how can I make this happen with out her knowing ?

  • Unless you drug her she will know. This guy sounds a little scary.

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