Any black men want to get my wife pregnant?

My 35 year old white wife is looking for group of black men to bred her in black breeding gangbang. I'm her sissy husband. You can fuck us both and cum inside us as much as you wish. We both swallow.

Apr 11

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    • My husband and I were married about 4 years when I got pregnant by a black guy my husband was upset at first that I had gotten pregnant by someone else and I usually am careful and make other men wear a condom but I was stupid and got a little to drunk one night and ended up going home with two black men and I didn't even realize that I was having unprotected sex until the next morning when I woke up and I was full of cum I knew that I was in trouble. But my husband took it pretty well and he was with me when I gave birth to my daughter it was a little awkward the doctor looked at me and my husband but he never said anything my husband gave her his last name. I did have my tubes tied after that so I don't have to worry about getting pregnant again and I always hated condoms and most black men love cumming in white women.

    • My wife and I enjoy our three mixed kids two girls and one boy theirs nothing better than watching a big black dick pounding in and out of your wife’s holes and pumping cum deep inside her she has four different black guy that service her and we are trying for or forth mixed child now that’s what all white wives should turn to for breeding white guys or not capable of taking care of their wife’s sexual needs we love or family and I take care of them as my own but I let the black men take care of her sexual needs and breeding

    • You are exactly right! I have a great husband that takes care of our children. We have four girls from black men. One thing about it there is definitely no hiding it. Everybody knows that I love black dick. Family was a little shocked with the first time we had the black daughter. Mom was really hesitant and just get asking why I finally told her that they have big Superior cock and they love to fuck white pussy and there's nothing like it. White guys need to understand that they will be taking care of our black babies and that will be the job that they need to do and leave the breeding to Superior black men.

    • Could not agree more. White men need to work and take care of us and our mixed race babies.

    • You will not regret it! My wife has been bred by three black men and we have three beautiful girls! I'm telling you that's what is going on. More and more white couples are breeding with black men they are superior with her DNA and bigger cock get used to it.

    • My husband arranged for to fulfill my fantasy of having sex with a black man a few years back. I’ve been secretly meeting with those men ever since.

      My husband had a vasectomy several years ago so I am sure to keep “morning after pills” on hand as I can’t afford to get pregnant and lose my husband. And I absolutely hate having sex with a condom

    • What does she looks like?

    • My guess is she looks like a slut

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