Little Packages Can Provide Big Pleasure

Back in the ‘90’s, I met a girl from Alabama on AOL. We’d never met in person, but we hit it off pretty well. I was an average height/weight (6-1, 180#) for a 20-something guy but my package was, and is, always a bit less than stellar. 😜. But Girls have never complained.

As we drove down the coastline, she started acting nervous and began to tell me how much she loved giving oral sex. Really? Cool. She got all wiggly telling me about loving the taste, the feel of a cock in her throat, gagging. Amazing.

Anyway, my ‘l’il Bammy Hunny was just 4’10, 120 pounds. I’ve always liked small girls. I can pick them up to kiss them. But Bammy was very special. When we slept together at a hotel, one night, she asked if she could just suck me off.

Why? Because my cock was too big! 😊. I said sure but let’s try f****** anyway. She caved. It worked. She seemed very happy - even ecstatic. In later months, on dates, she would waste no time going for my zipper. She decided that sucking was what she really wanted, after all.

There is someone for everybody. Always explore the possibilities before giving up. And her exuberant cum cravings were now well satisfied too. She made me feel like a hero 😎

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  • Is this about the girl or your cock? What is it with you and cock size? You could be a moron with a giant cock and never get laid. Then again you could be a normal guy who knows how to treat woman right with a small cock and get laid all the time.
    I'm going with the moron but with a small cock.

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