I was bad and want to confess

I was sunbathing by my pool on a school day about 11am. Normally everyone is at work or school and I enjoy the peace and quiet.

This past Monday it hit 90 degrees. I was in my chaise by the pool in my bikini.

Let me say this. I’m a mom of a 14 year old son. I’m in pretty good shape. I’m blonde with green eyes 5’7” and 135 pounds. I’m proud of my bod. My measurements are 37d (pretty firm for a mom) 24-34 I’m toned and my best feature I think are my kegs and butt.

The boys say I’m a milf. Whatever.

I was wearing my lime green string bikini with a t-back bottom so my whole butt was exposed for tanning. I would never wear it in front of my son or his friends.

I was laying on my tummy and had my top untied. I had a cool cocktail at the ready so I was doing great.

It was then I heard a strange sound so I calmly looked around and saw that it was a drone. It flew over me at about roof height a few times. I guessed it had a camera so I must have
Looked like I was naked to them

It also had to be one of my sons friends as the dads were all at work. I was kind of flattered that they lingered as long as they did and I got a little excited.

As it passed and made its turn I untied my bottoms and pulled them off without the drone operator seeing.

At one point it hovered over me at snot 20 feet so I decided to give them what they wanted. I turned in my back and put my feet in either side of the chaise opening my legs. Since I’m completely shaved they had a clear view of everything.

I even touched my breasts and pussy for them spreading myself open and fingering my wetness.

I learned that it was my sons 3 best buddies and my son who skipped school. They all 4 have pictures of me that day. My son has been acting nervous around me lately. I have seen him peeking in on me when I change, shower and other things

Apr 9

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    • This is my diagnosis. Your son wants to fuck his mother. You want to fuck his friends. I want to fuck your son and his mother.

    • 37d??

    • I’ll bet you would let them all jerk off with your legs spread in front of them rubbing your pussy.

    • I'm pretty proud of my kegs too

    • I caught my 14 year old son Sam taking pictures of me in the shower,I didn't do anything at first but looked through his phone when he was asleep,he had loads of pics and videos of me,Saturday morning I was taking the laundry upstairs and heard noises from his bedroom,his door wasn't properly shut and I looked through the gap in it to see Sam wanking his cock and what a cock! I told my husband when he came home from golf and he told me that he'd told Sam all about sex and told him about our sex life and the toys we had,a bit later on my husband had fallen asleep on the sofa and I went upstairs to put my pj's on,I was totally naked and turned around to see Sam stood in the doorway of my room,Sam close the door I told him then remembered the size of his cock and what my husband had told him,I stopped covering myself up and put one of my legs on the bed and played with my pussy! Is this what you wanted to see Sam? He adjusted the lump in his shorts and I opened one of my drawers and pulled out my dildo, I laid on my bed and spread my legs fucking myself with my toy,it's ok take it out if you want I said! His shorts dropped to the floor and there was his big cock,you like that I asked pushing my dildo inside me

    • Do you still have those pictures?

    • Make your son a man. Then if you like his friends, do them individually. If you let them gangbang you at their age, they won't respect you; lead up to that, and make it a rare treat.

    • You are the one with the power. You can confront your son and tell him you demand he and his friends come to your house and apologize. But when they get there you can tell them since they saw you naked, you get to see then naked. You’ll have all the Vick you can handle.

    • I agree. Give them what YOU want lol

    • Sounds like your son wants to stick his cock where he came from. Do you ever get wet about your son? Maybe you should slut out and let him and his friends deposit their cum in your pussy.

    • Maybe you should quit trolling this site for kids and queers.

    • Mmm I’m hard

    • I bet you would love to see all those young hard cocks staring at you lol

    • Have all of his friends fuck you lol

    • Pull him aside and say I know what you want and then tease him a little and then take him to your room and stip and then get him hard and let him fuck u

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