I've got a fantasy where my house gets broken into by a gang of men that I owe money to,I can't pay them back in any way,my wife and two daughters are already in the house with me,im forced to tell them the address of my mother and one of them drives to her house and brings her back to mine,my wife two daughters and my mother are told to take their clothes off,they are forced to lick each others pussies with me looking on,after that the gang of men all fuck them,my daughters are first and their mother and me watch helplessly as both of their holes are filled with big cocks, then it's my mother's turn followed by my wife,all of the women are told to get on all fours next to each other,your turn now I'm told,they stuff viagras down my throat and tell my daughter to suck my cock, im now hard and I move around behind their arses,I fuck them all in the arse as they laugh mmm just a fantasy

Apr 9

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    • Very nice. As a lady I would love to join and help organize this family fantasy and partake in the festivities

    • Not bad at all. I have one where a bunch of men are going to rape my wife unless I suck them all off infront of her. Needless to say she goes unharmed

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