Stopped hanging out with my best friend

I've pretty much stopped hanging out with my best friend...because I badly want to fuck his wife and both of his daughters. His wife is beautiful and a wonderful wife and mother, whereas my wife is a so-so wife and mother, she's pretty selfish. And both of his daughters are stunning and have developed early, which doesn't help at all. I daydream about having my way with the girls, especially the older one. Hell, I'd settle just to see any one of them naked, my imagination could take over from there!

Mar 27

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    • Yes,how old are they? And describe selfish when it comes to your wife
      I had the same experience with my best friend and one of her daughters but i actually got to live it out

    • There my be a side to your best friend you didn't know about.
      A lot of guys take picture of their wives naked and like to show them to other guys too. Sudaly, get his guard down, after a couple of drinks, slip in the subject of some other guys wife you both know and how sexy she is and how you would give anything to see a picture of her nude, then stop talking. Eventually he will tell you about the pictures of his fantastic looking wife posing for him in the nude. At that point, you are not far from her bedroom and more. As a side note, if he hasn't you may have given an idea.

    • Guys with hot wives and daughters usually have a pervert side to them which they hide until they meet another guy with the same perversion, then they share pictures.

    • Are you one of them?

    • How old are these girls? If they're underage, you did a good thing by stopping your social activities with your best friend.

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