My urge

I’ve been faithful to my wife of thirty years but I have an urge to do something that haven’t done for a very long time which is to suck a cock. I really don’t find men attractive but I have this need to feel an erect cock in my mouth and to taste spunk again.
When I masturbate, my fantasies are about my past homosexual encounters, the first tentative sexual experiences at boarding school with other boys, the first time time I sucked cock in my late teens.
Of course a sixty year old man can’t go interfering with teenage boys, that’s obscene but men my age are not in any way.
Oh well. These gay urges go away for a while after we have sex or I have a wank but soon enough I’m back to square one.
I’m sure I’m not alone with these kind of thoughts.

Apr 8


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    • I have the same.

    • Stop fighting these urges. Find an arcade/cruise lounge and get to work! You will be taking multiple guys bareback before you know it.

    • I’d like a regular bloke for blokey fun safe sex who is, like me, married but wanting what only a man can give. I don’t know what the scene is like where you live but it’s kinda sleazy here in England.

    • I’m in Australia - the regular guy isn’t my thang - after trying everything and I mean everything (legal) anonymous bareback sex is the ultimate high.

    • A bit risky STD wise, isn’t it?

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