I was REALLY tempted

I had to stop at a public interstate rest stop last week, and when I got there there was another guy sitting at a picnic table at the outdoor dining area they've got which I would've bet money nobody uses. Anyway, when I left the bathroom, the guy was turned around, towards the door he knew I'd leave by, and he was jerking off. I was hard as a rock in about three seconds, so I figured the hell with it and I sat down at another picnic table, made sure we could see each other, and I started jerking off as well. What I ACTUALLY wanted to do was suck his dick; but I didn't know the guy, he could've been crawling with diseases, so I suppressed the urge to blow him and instead just had a circle jerk. It was still the biggest load of cum I've ever shot off.

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  • Never say no when temptation is that good

  • What the temptation of STD's from random sex? The Op was right not touching that. HIV lasts a life time and is very costly to stay alive of the rest of your life. You should know your partner first.

  • Everytime I stop at a rest area I look for something like that. I wish I could be in a situation like that. I actually dream about it

  • My problem is that I would have walked on over to him and asked if I could help him. I would have sat down by him and start stroking him. Then I would have got down on my knees and sucked him deep into my mouth. I would have sucked him and played with his balls. I would have sucked his cock until I felt his cum filling my mouth. Then I would have swallowed while his cock went soft in my mouth.

  • Fuckkkkk! I wish I could meet you in the Thruway

  • Meet me at the Ny Thruway on the rest stop outside Niagara. Tomorrow morning at 8 am

  • OP here: shame I can't join in, but I hope you two have fun!

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