Bi cravings

I think about sucking cock every night. But I love women. I love my wife and I want to fuck her all the time. I’ve told her that I think I’m bi. She thought I was just obsessed with my own cock. But I wish she would watch me suck another man. And that we would both fuck her, separately and together. And that I would be inside her, and he inside me.

I masturbate to such thoughts. Then I cum. And wonder am I really bisexual? Or does the thought just get me hot? And is there a difference?

4 months ago


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    • Everybody is at least a little bit Bi. Even if they don't know it yet. I'm way into women. And only find dicks fun, not the guys that they are attached to. But dicks are amazing.

    • I have the same thoughts. I am not attracted to men at all. Only cock. Maybe one day I will suck a trans

    • Me too, we were in Newport today and I think the hostess came out of the men’s room, fem, looking good I want to suck her dick

    • I've been married over 40 years. I have been sucking cock since I was 13 . My wife knows that I am bi. She's watched me getting my throat fucked many times. You can still love sucking cock and getting your ass fucked. And be happily married. I love my wife's shaved pussy.

    • I think I would suck a stiff cock if I knew nobody else would find out. I’m sure I’d be great at it b/c I know exactly what I like and feels great. I think a glory hole would probably be the best - just a humongous dripping cock sticking straight up with the massive cum filled balls all tight . Yeah I’d slobber all the fuck over that

    • I know what you mean. I am married but want to suck a mans cock so much

    • I have sucked several cocks and it's great!

    • My wife talks about me being in her while a man is in me. Not sure about it though.

    • You have to try it you will love it

    • She will love it also

    • Feels great why not

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