Sweet relief for him

I’m a bi man and hook up with men whenever I can, usually through some online connection. I recently was with a man who was married with three grown children and had fantasized about cock ever day of his life since he was a boy but never had it. Ever. He wanted desperately to suck cock and get fucked. I had the pleasure of being his first man. Watching him take my cock in his mouth was incredible. His pleasure and enjoyment was intense. I had to train him to not suck too hard and to keep his teeth clear and to relax his throat. It was such fun to watch his enjoyment, and to relive my own homosexual desirous awakening. Likewise penetrating his asshole was intensely erotic. He desperately needed that for so long. We’ve gotten together a few times now and he’s gotten more and more relaxed and into it. He begs me to cum….in his mouth, ass, on his face. I’m enjoying it very much.

Apr 8


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    • I've only had sex with women in my life but for the last 10 years can only get hard looking originally at dick and now just at men. I really want to have sex with a guy.

    • You lucky sod. That’s exactly what I want. Do you take cock or just give it? I like both depending on the man but on the whole, I suppose I’m more of a receiver or a bottom as it seems to be called nowadays.
      Incidentally, one of my pet hates is the guy holding my head or trying fuck my face as I suck him off. Unless I want him to fuck my face, of course, but I’d tell him to do it.

    • I have been bisexual since I was a young boy and my wife knew that I was bisexual when we got married. A couple of years ago I met a black guy that is married and his wife isn't interested in sex anymore and I was the first man that he had been with and he was so nervous that first time he let me suck his cock it took him a long time to finally get hard. I couldn't believe that his wife didn't like it because he had a beautiful big uncut cock that stood straight out and was very smooth. Once I started to deep throat him that's when he started to get into it telling me how good it felt because his wife couldn't deep throat him like I did. He had a big load built up and I thought I was going to drown on his cum. It been a couple of years now and he has finally started fucking me and my wife he can't believe that he found a married couple that he can play with when ever he wants.

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