Another beauty

I recently purchased a very beautiful sculpture in the shape of a penis. This piece of art is of a beautiful highly polished chrome finish. It is 10 inches long and about 1 and 1 half inches wide. It weighs about 3.8 pounds.
The very shiny chrome surface is so sexy and very sensual to the touch. I have never seen or felt such a beautiful piece of art in the form of a sexual object created with care and skill such as this handle I purchased.
To touch and run my fingers across its shiny surface caused sensations within me that I never experienced before.
As well this penis sculpture has a magic of causing an arousing feeling maybe because it is so beautiful of shape and form plus its shiny silky feeling to my touch is so over whelming. I placed my lips and kissed its beautiful surface and I felt I had to make love to it. Its so long, so very solid and so very sexy. I had to make love with it, I wanted it so much. I held it close to me. How the shiny silk smoothness felt on my lips and as I reached my climax I held on to it so tight and just kissed it so much more. Its so beautiful. I have and had masturbated with it many times. I slide my very enlarged penis up and down it. Doing this I put a cream on it so to make the sliding sensation all that more beautiful feeling. I climax on it many times.
This sculpture is likely the most beautiful object I have owned and its beauty is beyond words to describe.
The scent of polished chrome has a sensual element that to experience this scent by it being on my lips and giving it many kisses upon its beautiful surface. Rubbing it all over my lips, kissing passionately its very sensual sexy polished surface will be the passion of immense pleasure. I know as like the chrome one it will also feel so good, so wonderful and so pleasing to my senses.
To conclude I feel masturbating is a beautiful part of life not many will agree to but it is part of the human adventure of self sexual pleasing.

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  • OK you bought your "art piece" from the Doc Johnson's dildo collection off Amazon. Good for you.

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