She has no idea

Last night my wife got trashed and I took things way too far, We had attended her family reunion and my brother is married to her cousin, My best friend is married to her sister and the three of us and her cousin got trashed together.
We all went back to my cabin to gather more booze in the wee hours of the morning, My brother went to use the bathroom and came back saying "J****** has a nice ass", I was like "Huh? Well ya but...", and he said "She's passed out naked on the bed", We all laughed and I said something about him getting a free show, My best friend said "Maybe I need to use the bathroom" and I laughed and said "No need for excuses, Go look if you want".
Everyone, Even her cousin was like "Really?", I said "Sure", My wife is 5'3", 130lbs and has small saggy tits from kid feeding but has a nice bubble butt and we all went into the room, She was snoring lightly and I turned on the light, Everyone was a little scared and I said "Pffft, Don't worry, She is out and won't wake up", I reached over and grabbed her ass giving it a shake and she never moved, Everyone was looking and whispering about how nice her ass is and I slid my hand under her and rolled her over, Her saggy little wrinkly tits flopped to the side and her nips were all saggy and stretched looking, She has no stretch marks though and the rest of her body is nice, She shaves and had just a little stubble on her pussy which is a full innie with no piss flaps so I reached over and pulled her one knee to the side spreading her open, They were all shocked at how passed out she was and I grabbed her one nipple and lifted her tit shaking it, Next thing I knew my brother did the same to the one on the other side and my cousin was rubbing her legs, I reached down and rubbed her pussy a little and then it was on.
Everyone was touching her and squeezing her tits, Rubbing her pussy and the my brother slipped a finger in her. On and on it wet and then there was 4 dicks out, Stroking and touching her, My brother was right by her face and I said "Not on her face, She will wake up for sure" and he dumped his load on her chest and then her cousin was stradlling one of her legs stroking his dick and fingering her and blew a load right from her pussy to her neck and we all froze for a second but nothing from her. My cousin was beside her and came on her tits and then I got between her legs and spit on my dick, Slid it in her and they all watched as I gently fucked her, I pulled out and came on her stomach and then her cousin gave her a second load on her tits.
We all stayed and played with her nipples and tits and rubbed her pussy and then I rolled her onto her stomach again, I spread her ass and all three took turns coming on her asshole which is perfection, Pink and wrinkly and beautiful and then I came on her back.
The next morning she sat there at the bbq all showered and looking prim and proper in her little sun dress, Hung over all to fuck and mad at me because all she knew was that she had come on her from the night before and thought it was all mine. We all smiled at each other knowing she was covered in all of our come 6 hours earlier.

Apr 6


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    • It’s not a stretch to guess you deliver a very small load. So I think when she woke up with multiple big loads on her she knew it wasn’t just you.

    • Not sure I buy all the multiple ejaculations but I think there’s at least a kernel of truth to the story. I liked it.

    • So hot! Had 3 of my guy friends over for poker night about a few years ago. I slipped an ambien into my wife's drink one night and after many other drinks she totally passed out. We put on condoms and all took turns fucking her and she never budged. When she woke up the next morning she said she had a dream I had sex with her. I never told her what happened. It makes me so horny evertime I think about watching my friends fat cocks inside my wife that night. I felt guilty about doing this to her for a long time but everytime I reminisce about it I get hard and want to do it again. My wife loves me to roleplay other men fucking her while I use dildos on her but when I asked her about inviting another guy to our bedroom she is adamantly against this. I don't want do this to her again but my lust to watch other men fuck her is pushing me to my limits.

    • When my wife blacks out I let my friends have a go at her.

    • Or maybe she was aware of everything that went on and was just enjoying it. Don’t be so sure.

    • Didn’t you confess to this last month? Did you do it again?

    • You do realise that is rape.

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