Silly girl

So I drank too much last night and flashed my BIL...A lot, The first flash was just supposed to be a moon but...Butt...I forgot I wasn't wearing panties under my dress, I flashed and he was recording and then after my sister left to go pee he said something about my pussy, I was like "Oh fuck....Delete that", He said no and made a joke about jerking to it later because I am 10 years younger than my sister and that's what hers used to look like.
I didn't make him delete it and later on I was way drunker and said something about it, He said "I'll look anytime you want to show me", I am still not sure where my sister was but I let him lift my skirt, Finger me and then take my top down and I sucked him off and when he came I didn't swallow and just let him keep coming as it dripped on my boobs.
Afterward we agreed it was wrong and not to do it again...2 hours later when I was totally blitzed I told him that he left me hanging and he bent me over and fucked me leaving me with cum dripping out of my pussy after a huge orgasm for me.

Apr 6


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    • You and your sister give him the time of his life

    • In laws are great fucks. You remind me of my SIL lol

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