Found local gloryhole

I've searched for years for a gloryhole and I finally found one last weekend and it's only 20 min drive from my house. I'm straight as could be but I honestly couldn't tell you if it's a man or woman sucking my dick through that hole but I couldn't care less. By far the best head I've ever gotten. I've been 3 times in the past 5 days haha. It's set up at an apartment, usually when I get there I'm about 3rd in line, everyone I've talked to has been coming there for a while and we talk about how great the head is and debate about whether or not it's a male or female lol. One guy tried to get my number, another guy asked if I wanted to mess around while we waited which I declined both. I'm usually already hard before I put my dick thru but when I do it's on, I nut in about 5 minutes, I feel my load shootin straight down his/her throat. It's amazing. If you're near dallas tx let me know, I'll give you address.

Apr 4

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    • I’ve found men make the best cock suckers. Like the comment below, men are best at it because they love doing it. Same as a lesbian eating pussy, I suppose.
      One man said he almost fainted when I sucked him off, quite a compliment but he had a lovely five inch or so cock which was a delight suck. Big load as well, which I love.
      I used to a public toilet which had a glory hole but the council knocked it down. Shame.

    • If a blowjob is good then it's a guy. Girls are terrible at sucking cock. Boys like it so they do a good job. Girls do it because they have to not because they want to.

    • I use to play glory hole with my stepdaughters and try to guess which one lol

    • If they're the best head you've ever gotten, I PROMISE you it's a guy. Source, I've been fuckbuddies with a bunch of str8s since I was a teenager, and you'd think none of their girlfriends have any idea how to suck a dick. The amount of "best I've ever had" comments I've gotten is stunning.

    • I found one too, turns out it was my dad behind the hole st the hotel. I still sucked his cock though

    • And are you a man or a woman?

    • Man. Dads cum was good

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