Police Action

I’m attracted to butch chicks. I don’t mean those fat, shaved haired, biker types. I’m talking about the athletic, tight body, short haired types.
I love to jerk off to images of girls like Ruby Rose. I’m a dude who pops boners for dykes!
That said, I got the gift of a lifetime. My new neighbor across the street is a butch cop! I see her in that yummy police uniform as she comes and goes to work. She in brings her patrol car home, and I see it in her driveway. I jerk off picturing myself screwing that butch cop in her own patrol car. This girl has a dude hair cut and wears men’s clothes when not in uniform. I love it!
The butch has a hot femme girlfriend, really yummy. I wish I could be in that house. Such a lucky guy I am… two great fantasies of mine are living right across the street from me! Female cops and butch dyke girls… amazing.
Any other guys here attracted to butch females?

Apr 4

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    • I want to have sex with a butch chick.

    • I love the way some police women look in their uniforms! They drive me crazy!

    • My town has about 4 sexy police women, and 2 butch ones. 2 were on break at a local sandwich place, I was behind them trying not to stare and drool over them. Tall blonde with hair up, nice hips and larger bubble butt. The other mid height, shorter pixie hair do, thin with a tight ass. I probably could have been arrested for thinking of all the things I would do to them!!!

    • I’m a bisexual married man but I too like women who are fit, strong and short hair on a women just does something for me. Maybe it’s because I would love to be dominated by a woman.

    • My bisexual wife has always liked female butch cops, with my consent she usually has one she dates, I have joined a couple times but it makes them nervous. She also likes to fuck male cops and will sometimes, when she was 19 she got pulled over after leaving a friends house, she had to choose between getting a dui or sucking this cops black dick She said she didn't mind sucking his dick, he unzipped his pants and had a big hard dick sticking straight up out of his pants, she held his dick in one hand and felt around on his utility belt with her other hand, she said she enjoyed it a lot and since then the sight of a cop wearing his utility belt made her horny, and thats why she has always like to fuck cops.

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