Naughty teacher

When I was 16 I responded with a fake picture to a guy I recognised that said he was 24 on PoF that was asking for teenage girls, I told him I was 18 and agreed to meet him in his hotel. I did, he didn't turn me away and I gave him a blowjob and let him cum in my mouth. He was my ex Grade school teacher and he recognised me straight away. He was at least 30.

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  • Karen please have your baby somewhere else and not here. please leave and never come back please god we just want to be over the karen virus already, like covid it kills.

  • Slack arse site administrator, piss off and leave the job to someone who cares

  • What is going on no update for over three weeks, this happens quite often here, get off your arse and do your job so I got something to wreck.

  • So glad I left this shithole website with a webmaster who never updates his shit.

  • Please don't come back.

  • I think i made a mistake sharing private pics with boys at school. it's exciting but if parents ever found out :-(

  • Have some self respect, slut.

  • You the guy who wrote this fake crap?

  • My band director in high school....did things to me in the practice room, I told my priest and he did things too....

  • You forgot to say"This one time at band camp"

  • Yes you shithead, start doing your job you sick dick and update some new posts

  • What is going on no update for over three weeks, this happens quite often here, get off your arse and do your job you prick

  • My wrestling coach asked me to stay after practice one day to show me some moves. We did a few then he pinned me down, started to kiss me and removed my singlet and then he took me. But I liked and wanted it. Later I left for college and came back home fir a job. I started to date his daughter and it was a awkward at first, then a few times after we were alone, we laid it all out. I told him I liked and wanted it.
    Then he came close and we kissed deeply and went to the bedroom and had at it.

  • Put your finger in his bum and lick it, you filthy little bitch

  • I put an add on a sex site for a hairy mature married guy, turns out my Jr high football coach showed up. I about cummed in my pants. God I wanted to touch and hold him all through school. I’m 20 now and can’t get enough of his thick Italian cock.

  • Are you a poofter then ?

  • Do you live in your parents basement?

  • Unlike you most people don't live in their parents basement.

  • But queer arseholes like you usually do

  • You should know

  • Lol

  • Even teachers need sex lol

  • Fuck off Lady Balls

  • MY hero, gee you are persistent but I fear all these queer pricks will wear you down (I certainly hope not) you are the light at the end of the tunnel, one of the only decent people here. Keep up the good fight Brother

  • They won't Thanks

  • I was 15 he was45 he had
    A big cock with lost of cum

  • How big

  • So who gives a fuck your both just jerks
    He didn't teach you much at school have a look at your reply above, your virtually illiterate

  • You're a jerk and virtually illiterate, buddy.

  • He needs a giant kick in the balls and you need a giant kick in the cunt

  • I wanna start getting more young girls its my fav

  • Fuck you dude you are sick and fucked up. If someone killed you it would make my our day.

  • Fuck off pedo.

  • No need to be rude you ignorant prick


  • If your on here you have no room to judge others

  • Why do you think i'm here? ASS HOLE
    To wreck these posts so you sick fucks can't jerk off to this fake crap.

  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • Is there a reason you're not getting his cock

  • You need to go to the book store and get some cock

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