Big girls

Has anyone else had really, really, good luck with big girls? I don't mean quantity of sex, I mean quality of sex. Big girls are awesome. The hot skinny ones act like they're doing you a favor spreading their legs.
Hands down, big girls are the best. I can't tell you how many times I've arched my back and dropped a huge load in a big girl. They're always happy to see you. They're always enthusiastic. You can have whatever you want, mouth, ass, pussy, breakfast. Whenever you want it and in any combination.
I shot my load in one that sat up and said "better make sure I get it all" and then started sucking me dry. Then she went and made me food. Try not coming back to that. Not gonna happen.

Anyone else?

Apr 3


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    • I like fat girls because you can use and abuse them like the worthless cunts they are

    • If you all want to see a sexy bbw big tits and nipples sexy fat ass amazing looking pussy

    • Agreed. I used to be turned off by fat girls. But then I realized their bodies are actually more natural and enjoyable. I love squeezing and fondling fat tummies and big asses. They love to suck and fuck. Notice how many Ancient Greek and Roman statues idolize plump women? Or how many well known artists painted them. There’s a reason.

    • There is something about getting an attractive woman wearing a sexy girdle and rubbing your hard cock on her satin covered camel toe before plunging deep in her pussy.

    • I love fucking fat women. My wife is fat. Pussy is so much better.

    • Especially the big girls that dress really nice. The ones that wear dresses slips sexy bra and sexy girdles with either a snap crotch or open bottom with sexy panties on underneath them. I’m taking about pretty girls just on the large size not totally obese. Reminds me of my older sister. She’s the one who got my virginity. She’s five years older than me . She caught me in the act at 11 years old jacking off in the crotch of her girdle. After that we been having sex together for the last 7 years and still doing it.

    • I agree. Bigger girls i have had have been much better in bed both in quality and stamina

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