I got my chance to learn from the master

My family owns a trucking and logistics company. At 16 I was required to go work there for the summer. I was sent out to the yard to see Joe the Gay Slayer, and ask him for something to do. He sent me to the warehouse and told me to sweep it. It was a big warehouse, and since I was sweeping I went all around it. I found several places that I didn't know existed, and in one of them, I found a used condom. At 16 I knew what condoms were and what they were used for, I just couldn't imagine what girl would come back there. I tossed the condom in the trash and kept on sweeping.

My job in addition to sweeping involved loading and unloading, and since I was being taught, I followed the warehouseman around stocking the shelves with the the incoming materials in their proper place. I got a quick lesson in 'pay attention' and knuckled thump on the head. We were way back there, with the slow moving inventory and he grabbed my ass and asked me why I was doing that job when I could be in a cush job doing paperwork. I told him my father told me to get my ass out there and learn to be a man, so here I was.

So you want to be a man, do you? and with that he grabbed the front of my pants and squeezed my dick and balls until I begged him to let me go. He said let me see just what kind of a man are you, and forced me to open my pants and pull down the zipper. He took my penis out and said 'that ain't no man's dick, let me show you what a man looks like' and with that he undid his pants and he showed me a real man's dick. He had me suck him and after I had gotten the sucking part down the way he liked it, he had me lean against the back wall and he fucked me.

A man doesn't go crying to Daddy, a man puts up with it. And I put up with it all summer. I learned to 'grease' myself up and grease up his pole, it went in much easier and I liked it even more. I worked for Joe the Gay Slayer so I had to keep all this to myself, and so I spent the summer as the warehouseman's girlfriend.

I don't complain, not really. How else are you going to learn, if it isn't from an expert. I went to college and I didn't run into anyone who was half the man than that warehouseman. To me today, he is the number one man, at least in my life. I'm glad I got broken in by him and not some queer in a pink shirt and tight skinny jeans.

One day, maybe, when I have a real position at my family's company, I'm going to hire a man for one important job for me. I want a man around me who don't take notin' from nobody, a man with a big enough dick to make waves and scare away the riffraff. I want a man working for me who knows why he's there, and that's to make his boss happy.

Apr 3

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    • This is a great story. I suggest you hire me as your warehouse spy. I’ll bend over for the new Joe too of course, but I’ll report to you if anyone else is sharing your (his) pole. This way, you can be a bitch and also have a bitch.

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