Can a gay man turn a straight man gay

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  • After I had a really sexy tranny's 9 inch dick up my ass for over an hour she was all I could think about. At first I just wanted her to fuck me all the time. After a while I wanted to be like her. I wanted to do what she was doing, I wanted to dress like her, I wanted to suck dicks like she did, I wanted to have kinky sex with a lot of different men, I wanted to be a whore like she was. And for a little while I did too. I loved it.

  • I got fcked for the first time last night and now I'm wondering if it's changed me? I've been s*ck'n guys occasionally since I was a boy and kinda liked it. I'm twenty now and recently married and have been meeting with an older (black) man once or twice a week since highschool. He told me jokingly after I got married that he'd be taking my virgin cute little cherry @ss, and he did. It hurts, but, feels really good and I want to try it again.

  • After I got f*cked unexpectedly and hadn't even thought about it, being with a guy with another guy that is. I started having fantasies about it, having a c*ck up inside of me.

  • No. A totally straight man simply won't derive sexual pleasure from gay sex. However a man who has latent gay feelings, ie is a closeted gay or bisexual, can be 'turned' so to speak - but then it's more simply expanding his horizons rather than making him gay'.

  • Ya. I met a crossdresser on Craigslist just to experiment, we went down on each other and in the heat of the moment, "she" cummed all over my cock. . Long story short, that one "experiment" turned me gay. I can still taste the precum from her penis in my throat and on my tongue and all I want is to suck more.

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