Being Close Part 1

My parents wanted me to be happy, well-adjusted, and free. I also knew they were different from most, and it meant realizing how some of the family ideas would just be kept within our home. I was a swimmer and active at school, so I hadn't been busy with boys yet. The most I'd ever done was kiss the boy around the corner from us. Kevin was a year older than me and definitely cute, but it was nothing serious.

I was 13 when my mom told me we have a family tradition, and I didn't have to do it if I didn't want to. Either way, my dad would be fine and we would continue to be close. He wasn't going to stop loving me. I was his little girl. Always. But if I wanted to have a positive, loving experience with boyfriends or maybe a husband one day, I could have that first time with my father. The two of them understood how painful sex could be for the first time, and neither she nor my father wanted that. I could say yes and decide "no" later, and it would still be ok. I could think about it a long time or decide immediately. I thought about it for a few weeks and asked my mom what it would mean, other than having sex with Dad.

It was an education. Mom had been through this in her family. She maintained her special relationship with her own father, with her mother's blessing. It probably explained why and how he was still so active! My grandfather was a strong triathlon competitor in his age class. First thing, Mom got me on the Pill. Next, she explained that she was already introducing my older brother to the act, and when I asked him (John) about it he told me he was glad that our very sexy mom was teaching him how to be with a woman. He loved her black lacey corsets and garter belts. He couldn't get enough of her and learning how to be a great lover. In turn, if it appealed to me, he and I could practice, too. I appreciated how she could tutor me indirectly as well. We went to lingerie and adult toy shops, where she let me pick out whatever I wanted. She introduced me to these capsules with honey or other flavored liquid centers to gently place inside my vagina. When they were rubbed enough, they burst and disintegrated. Later, on our own, John fingered me and licked those capsules up from my still virgin pussy. By then I was about 14 and he was almost 17. He was spending a lot of evenings in the pool with Mom. When I watched them going at it in the water from my bedroom window, I couldn't wait to have that kind of time with Dad. He was a marathon runner, in amazing shape. Everything about him was long and lean. His dark hair was just starting to show signs of grey, but his skin was still smooth and tan. I masturbated to thoughts of him, and I gradually opened my hymen over weeks of gentle prodding with a dildo. I wanted to be physically ready for something of that size in me without bleeding. Eventually, on my 14th birthday, after a party, family movie night and a kiss from Mom, I went up-stairs to bed. Dad followed me and sat beside me. He said he was aware that Mom had talked with me and that I wanted to have my first time with him. Did I still want that? I was nervous as I whispered, "Yes! Please? I really want that."
"I don't want to hurt you. I'll be as gentle as you like."
"I think I'll be ok." Still, I was shaking. I had practiced handling and sucking John's stiff cock, but I wasn't ready for Dad. They were similar in size, but this was a different scenario. John had also been bringing me to orgasm, but this was Dad. Dad. I'd been practicing everything that lead up to this, but now it was the first man I'd ever known. He was my prince. He was also going to penetrate and thrust and I wanted it to be special.
Slowly, with eyes that asked if I was still comfortable, he caressed my lower legs and glided towards my inner thighs. He softly kissed them. Stopping temporarily, he moved to my mouth. I was the one who offered tongue. I was hungry, delving. He carefully moved more of his body onto my bed, nestling between my legs. I had on a long night shirt, and I placed one of his hands back on my inner thigh as we continued kissing. He traced the lace on my panties. One finger slid inside to find my sopping pussy lips. I'd never wanted anyone - any THING - so much in my life. By now I was desperately wanting him to make love to me, to fuck me, now. Instead, he took off any clothing articles remaining. He kissed my hardened nipples while continuing to insert two fingers into my aching cunt. He replaced them with his tongue and concentrated on my clit. My daddy brought me to a shuddering climax as I gasped and moaned - begged for him to be inside me. I reached down to peel away his boxer shorts. The robe came off, and I took his head of his throbbing cock between my legs. I slid it up and down my wetness until I placed him just at my quivering entrance. I'd practiced with John for this very moment. I told him to turn over. I straddled him, squatting just at the tip of his waiting cock. It was purple with pre cum, nearly ready to explode. I told him to be patient. Ever-so-slowly, I eased myself down. He placed his hands on my hips, guiding my ride. I leaned over and kissed him. It was a motion that became a rhythm we could have sustained for an eternity if not for my moaning that caused my dad to erupt inside me. With him still inside but his white cream dripping and oozing from me, I collapsed on him, into his embrace. I assumed I would roll off him, clean up, and that my dad and I would cuddle for awhile. Instead, Dad put a blind fold on me.
" We have a bit of surprise for you. Just lie back and spread your legs, Baby, ok?" I didn't know if we were going to have another round, but he told me we're taking this slowly. Now it was my turn to be patient. So I did as I was told.
I heard another person enter the room. I smelled a familiar scent. Instantly I was both comfortable and confused. I heard the breathing and was absolutely sure. It was Jessica, my 15-year-old cousin! She had left the party with the other guests - or had she? What was she doing here? I wanted to be sure, but Dad insisted that I keep my fold on. She didn't say a word. Instead she kissed my inner thighs as she made her way to the cum seeping down my pussy crack.
"I see someone's gotten herself filthy and needs cleaning up." She licked and lapped with her long, pointy tongue and made me come again and again. Jessica was on the swim team, too, and her dad was our coach - Dad's brother. When she was finished, she explained that she, too, had spent her 14th birthday night initiating herself with her father in the same way. She had spent the year wanting to do the clean-up for me, holding back from telling me the surprise. She and her older sister, Kirsten, had been blissfully fucking their dad for years. Now we could be open with each other about our family tradition. Kirsten was away at her first year in college, but it was understood that such a bond would always continue.
It still does.
I am happily married with three children. My husband knows that a couple of times a month I meet my dad at a place out of town, and we engage in every type of sex act we choose. My older daughter turns 12 soon.

Apr 1

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    • This is clearly a fake story, but a well-written one. Kudos.

    • Disgusting pedophiles! It's not a tradition, it's a sickness! Period! Fucking liberal garbage!

    • ... and you read the whole thing? Why didn't you stop? You want a 14-year old too, don't you?

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