Job interview

So long time ago when I had my own company I needed someone to answer phones and do filing, basically just office stuff. Today they would be called an office assistant or something like that anyways. This happened about thirty years ago and I always look back on her years working for me with much happiness.
I had interviewed maybe three people for the job when in walked Shelly, not her real name, and little did I know my life was about to change for the better. I had asked her just about all my questions and I then asked her if she had any questions for me. She asked me what it would take for her to leave this interview with the job because she really needed it. I told her something like well I really like your qualifications and I planned on making a decision this week for sure with the person I pick starting on Monday. She was quiet for a moment then looked at me with a straight face and told me that if I hired her right now she would give me the best blow job of my life and she would give me one every Friday just for hiring her.
I had no idea what to say to her after all of that but part of me was saying sure your hired so get to sucking on it and the other part was looking around for the cameras and the people laughing at the look on my face. She stood up and told me that she would give me one now and maybe that would convince me that she was the right choice. She was quite assertive and was pushing my feet apart with her foot as she began kneeling down right in front of me, I sat there speechless as she undid my pants and pulled them down slightly then went right to it like it was the most normal thing to do. She was quite good at it and about five minutes later I was watching her not even miss a beat swallowing all of me as I had a tremendous orgasm. I sat there catching my breath while she cleaned herself up a little and told her that if she could start on Monday that would be great.
She showed up promptly on Monday morning and we got started, she was everything she said she was as far as office knowledge and I was very happy with her. Friday rolled around and I had honestly not even thought about what she had told me during the interview so when she walked into my office around lunch time and asked me if I wanted it now or after work this evening I looked back at her and asked what she was talking about. She answered me back right away and said your Friday blow job. The first thing that came to mind was wow she is really serious about this so I just looked at her and told her that I would let her decide when she wanted to do it. She told me okay and walked over to me, she kneeled down in front of me and repeated her excellent oral skills on me.
So long story short she continued doing this to me for about four years with some even thrown in during the week as extras, we even made love on several occasions during that time and our relationship was one of open honesty throughout. I tried to get serious with her a few times but she always told me that she was in no hurry to jump into a relationship and enjoyed exactly what we had going. I never pushed any further and enjoyed everyday with her and was truly sad to see her move on with her life to another state.

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  • Just think of it you should have accepted but under the proviso you could change and vary the arrangement as you wished, she would have gone for it for sure then you could have demanded still the blow job every Friday but also every second week a night with you for sex as you require every fourth week a night with you she as your most willing slave.
    OH dear the thoughts are endless I am getting so horny thinking of the possibilities

  • That is such a fantastic arrangement gee I would love to have the same.
    Incidently how many times did you get your dick into her and did she take it up the arse as well ?

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