Fur please! 60's & 70's nudes are best

I' sorry - not popular here - but shaved vaginas look like infant's.
THE sexiest thing I ever saw happened the night we talked my sweet 28 yr old wife into playing strip poker.
There were 3 of us guys - too much drinking - some dancing, sexy movies compared, my wife having to entertain 3 guys, etc.
"Let's play a game!" she said.
"Spin the bottle!" one guy said. Wife looked around at us - "but it's only me, one girl here, you'd all just be taking turns necking with me! Might be fun , but....I don't think so! How about some cards?"
"OK, strip poker!" my one buddy said - fortunately said my the one my wife had always had the hots for in a private way! ("He's so sexy in those tight white tennis shorts!" she's say later that night!)
"Well - I'm going to need another drink before we do THAT!"
We fixed her a nice one!
The poor girl was wearing only her tight yellow short-shorts, her bikini panties and a loose cotton top. No bra - she has tea-cup breasts with pouty nipples, "too small!" she thinks. I think they're sexy as hell. Just a bit more than a mouthful!
So first she loses her shorts. That was sexy as hell - watching her peel out of those babies! standing there in just her little white nylon bikini panties and a cropped T. Half tugged off her little butt - she quickly snatched them up! - too late - we'd seen her butt crack!

Then she loses again - (OK, "what the heck is she going to do now?" we were all thinking as she slowly stood up, no direction to turn but towards where we were sitting.....)
Remember - she thinks her breasts are too small to be of interest to men. Thinks they're not sexy - and now she'd have to show her too small breasts to two guys not her husband!
....and she closed her eyes and smiled a little painfully ("OMG! - I think I know what she's going to do!")
- and she hooked her thumbs in the side strings of her panties and very slowly started sliding them down her legs. That 'breathable panel' 'caught' for a second up in her crotch with the sides partway down her thighs - then the crotch sprung free and joined her hip strings....and down they came. She stepped daintily out of her panties and tossed them with her foot towards me - but "sexy" guy reached out and caught them and promptly brought the to his face ...to smell.
So, there is my shy sexy wife, mother of a 5yr old (at her sisters) standing in front of three guys naked from the waist down - seeing all three of us staring at her sexy auburn triangle below her flat tummy. Her cunt was very pretty - and very sexy and very natural.......and all 3 of us were wishing we could bury our faces between the legs of this shy gorgeous young woman!
Her T was too short to pull down to cover herself as she sat back on the couch!
We knew...... she was about to have a heart attack so we 3 stayed as nonchalant as 3 guys could be sitting near an attractive girl sexily wearing only a T-shirt!
One buddy took pity on her and the situation - and we switched to a subject of interest to all 4 of us (damned if I can recall - I was getting a boner staring at my wife's cunt!) because she was now moving about and finally laid on her stomach with her head propped on a pillow so she could look at us as we all talked. Now she's laid out like a modest center-fold.....all legs, blonde hair, pretty face and naked ass!
Me = I was staring at the little indentations on her bare butt cheeks left there by her bikini panties! Geez she has a cute butt!! Long legs squeezed together at her thighs, then she got comfortable (as comfortable as a fairly shy (and drunk) girl could be bare-butted in front of two guys not her husband!) and lifted her feet into the air, moving her legs about as we chatted. Damn! - nice how that movement made her butt cheeks flex....! She's killing me! (and that little smile tells me she knows it!)
The evening wound down - and we all wondered what would happen - would she give each guy her usual little friendly kiss goodnight as they prepared to leave?! Or stay primly planted on that couch?
Well, after well over an hour of laying about with her bare bottom exposed to these 2 guys she ....popped right up, walked to each, got up on her toes, and gave them a hug and a little sisterly kiss on the mouth....like she was fully dressed! I loved how her butt flexed when she did that! I so wanted to ram my hand up between those innocent cheeks! She thanked them for a "fun" evening and gave each a little hug around their necks. And neither made it all the way out the door without turning around to enjoy, one more time, the "full frontal" this pretty little blonde friend of theirs was giving them!

After they left - she asked me, "did you see Barry give my bottom a nice little squeeze when I kissed him?!"
"A little brotherly squeeze? - like your sisterly kiss?"
"Yeah right!" she laughed ...."he really dug right in!"
"Yes, dammit - I didn't mind so much!"

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    • Got my then GF, now my wife, into modelling when she was 20. Her first nude shoot was a year later. It was commercial work not porn or glamour, but in those politically incorrect days, nudes were even used in advertising depending on the media. My wife's glorious bush and tits are featured on many photos. My favourite is when she was the "logo" for a motorcycle company Vital Parts. It's a black and white image. Her legs are up open in a V - her pubes clearly visible.

    • I heard my wife and our daughter maddie laughing and joking about hairy pussies,what's so funny my wife said I've got one,really mum she said,you should shave it like I do! I thought to myself that this conversation was getting interesting, I tried my hardest to peak through the door of the lounge but my worries were soon over, maddie moved to the middle of the room where I could see uninterrupted,she pulled down her leggings and knickers showing her mother her shaved pussy! See mum what do you think? I'm not sure the wife said your father likes it natural, she then showed it to maddie! It was the hottest thing I'd ever seen

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