Am I weird perving on bikini girls

I love ladies in bikinis

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  • We have nice pool in the back yard Emma and I. Our good friends next door Steve and Linda have a season pass every year. They do their part, they vacuum and back wash the filter, share their drinks. Linda sometimes spends the whole day floating around, doing laps. We don't get home till 6. I took half day and get out to the pool and Linda just has just a thong on. 'Oops -- I better put my top on, wasn't expecting you -- sorry.' I'm like don't be sorry, keep it off but she puts it on. Even the top just barely covers her nipples. Something she wouldn't ware if she knew I'd be there. I go in the house thinking I'm going finally wear the Speedo Emma bought me. I almost change when I look in the mirror. My big dick looks huge. WFT I saw her 99% naked, return the favor.
    Her eyes pop. She's quick with a joke 'wish I had a Dollar to stuff your speedo.'
    An hour later we're floating together inside a big truck inner tube and she's dry humping me. I get a hard on. She's out of control kissing me. She had been drinking. she gets my dick out, goes underwater and sucks it. We drift down to the shallow and where she gives me a blowjob. About a week later she gets me aside 'WTF did I do - please take that to your grave.' I assure her i'm not telling, I was just as bad. But I have to confess somewhere.
    Afternoon Delight.

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  • All men do. I started looking at and perving on my hot older sister early on, when she'd wear her tiny, black bikini in the pool or to lay out and tan. I couldn't keep my eyes, or sometimes, hands, off of her and she knew it and played it up around me. We got to a point where I'd go shopping with her to look at tiny bikinis and tell her what I wanted to see her in, or out, of, and she or I would buy it. If it was really tiny and barely-there, like a string, thong bikini I got her, she'd wear it around me only when we went to the state park to lay out and tan. She had two bikinis that just drove me crazy, immediately.

  • Fuck you all men don't stare and perv on their sisters. Only you sick fucking incest loving mentally retarded ass holes do.

  • He didn't mention anything about his sister you stupid bitch, go die of aids

  • I hate to say it but he did actually but hey many brothers perv over their sisters and why not! Lol

  • Yes, you are weird.

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