Sister and I

I came home late last Friday night. My parents were both asleep, so I snuck into my bedroom as quietly as I could. I was out partying with some high school friends, smoking dope and drinking beer and a few shots of whiskey. I stripped buck naked then headed to the bathroom to take a gnarly piss and brush my teeth before I went to bed. The bathroom is right across the hallway from my room, and right next to my younger sisters bedroom.
As I stood in front of the toilet and started pissing, the bathroom door slowly opened and my sister walked in. I looked at her and said "What the fuck, sis?". I noticed she had a big smile on her face, and was totally naked. Her perky little titties were beautiful, and her pink nipples were fully erect. She walked up behind me and pressed her pussy against my bare ass, and reached around and took my cock in her hand and held it while I finished pissing. I could feel the wetness of her pussy as she rubbed up against my butt cheeks. She whispered in my ear "I want your cock, Jim." She shook the piss out of my cock after I finished peeing, then I turned around and faced my sister. She flashed me a wicked look as she dropped to her knees in front of me. She wrapped her lips around my cock, which was now rock hard and throbbing with every beat of my heart. She sucked on my cock for about three minutes or so, as I caressed her perky tits and rubbed her sexy round ass. I felt myself getting close to cumming, so I pulled her head away from my cock.
I grabbed her by the hand and led her into my bedroom. I pushed her down onto my bed and she spread her creamy thighs for me. I buried my face in her pussy. She was so wet she was literally dripping pussy juice all over my mouth and chin. I lapped up her sweet juices and sucked on her clit till she came. She then said "Mount me, brother. I want to feel your hard cock in me." I crawled up on top of my sister, and slid my cock deep inside of her. Her pussy was so tight and hot and wet that I was ready to bust after about two minutes. I started breathing hard and groaning, and she grabbed my ass and pulled me tight into her and said "Cum in me brother, I want to feel your cum squirt inside of me and fill me up." I gave her about four more strokes then pumped what felt like a gallon of man juice inside of my sister. I said "Good God, sis, that was awesome. I hope you are on the pill." She replied "Yes, I just started the pill two weeks ago, I've been waiting for you to fuck me." She then pushed my head down between her legs and said "Now clean up your mess so I can get to bed."
I licked every drop of my cum out of her pussy, and it tasted great, mixed with her juices. She kissed me on the lips and went to her bedroom.
I think this is the beginning of a great relationship between us, we haven't spoke about it since then, but she looks down at my crotch and smiles at me all the time now. I'm hoping to do her again this weekend.

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    • I met my half brother 45 years ago at 15. Within weeks we fell in love, and ran off. It was easy in those days to get new identities which we did. And got married. We love each completely and still make love every day at least once.

      Our 4 children know about us and don't care we are siblings. They are all married but all still get together one weekend a month at our house to be with each other. All 4 are bi-sexual.

    • Nice fantasy

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