BBC addicted

I am addicted to Big Black Cock.

1.3 years ago


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    • I was a young barely through puberty kid who ran away from home looking for adventure and halfway across the country I found it. It was obvious that I wasn't 18 like the fake ID my friend Lukas got me. I mean didn't look the 13 years old that I actually was and I was moved to the Youth correction center till they could find out who this cute well dressed preppie looking kid was?
      I had a slow witted 15 year old black kids dick in me the first night. Jacjson said "it's cuz of yo undies, I likes um!"
      "U looks pretty good, I likes fux'n you, use pretty, doze undies looks real good!"
      OK, maybe jockey print stringbikini briefs were a little bit much for an 8th grader but it was a new preference for me and my friends. I there for a week before mom could arrange for me to be sent home. Everyone especially the black boys loved "lil pants" regardless that by the third day I was wearing the thick institutional white cotton briefs.
      "Undies is undies use still fux's good!"
      Was the reality for me institutional underpants or not. I got home lusting for black cock.

    • I've just started high school and mom found out that two of the older black boys at school have been fucking me. She came home early and there I was my cute little rosey cheeked butt all full of Franklin's cocktail. Marcus had been there and sat there in his green satin boxers watching. "BENJI!" Mom streaked and Franklin pulled out and mom saw him all big like and embarrassed. I pulled my underpants up really quick and my friends ran.
      "Benji, how could you?" I just shrugged and blushed... "How'd it, I mean it's huge...How'd he get it in that cute little boy's butt! Didn'titwreckit?" She said in one word.... "uh-uh nope we do it a lot, like a real lot." I said blushing.

    • I am waiting for a black man and his cock to show up at my door now.

    • It's my lucky day, I ended up sucking 3 black guys off, and I swallowed 3 loads! Awesome.

    • I am F32single, love BBC - getting addicted ...

    • I am just addicted to cock and cum, period.

    • Any big cock is good. More Italians have big cocks than Blacks. Blacks just have horse sized cocks when they are gifted and regular sized when they are not. Italians regularly have big thick sausages.

    • Nobody cares

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