I will kill my self if I........

I will kill my self if I ever look at another woman or man in lust and or jack off or use porn or commit adulterous acts. I promise to god and the universe.

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  • I hear you, man. If I ever looked at a man in lust, I would chop my wang off with a dull hatchet and let myself bleed to death. On the other hand, though, there's nothing wrong with lusting over women and whacking your pud to some hot heterosexual porn, all of us normal guys do it, whether they will admit it or not.

  • There's nothing wrong with lusting after men and homosexual porn either, fool.

  • Normal you mean regular I know my sexuality and it's normal for me

  • Any time you feel the need to stroke out a load, put an ice pack on your balls. It will help.

  • Thks will do

  • You might as well kill yourself. You might be able to keep from committing adulterous acts, but jacking off or using porn will never happened. I've tried before and lasted for over a week, but I just couldn't give it up for any longer. Enjoy yourself like I do.

  • I cant and I will punish my self and I'm serious I will kill my self if I falter.

  • You are wasting your time. God wants you to be happy and fulfilled. He made sex to accomplish this. God didn't say don't fuck and any preacher , priest, minister , or man of God who says that is a bold face fucking lying ass retard. God said go ye forth and be fruitful and multiply. The male and female bodies were made to attract one another. God wants the cock put to the pussy and make lots of cute little baby girls and boys. Plus it's ok for a little self fulfillment from time to time. The Catholic priest came up with not spilling the seed or masturbation cause they are some horny ass mother fuckers wanting to suck down a few loads or bang a few nuns themselves. So please fuck away and for Christ sake enjoy it cause he meant it to be that way. By the way I am a Baptist Preacher. I have six of my own. Sex is not bad for those dumb ass Catholics they are tricky bastards.

  • God is hard to understand when its comes to sexuality, my fiance deserves better than me I cheated on her p.s shes transgender

  • Oh sorry I was rushing that last line. I meant to say is that , Sex is not bad for you. Those dumb ass Catholics they are tricky bastards. Watch out for them never bend over in front of one I tell you that. Man or woman it's not safe.

  • You are being way to hard on yourself. Tell your mom how you feel. Say how much better you'd be if she would just give you some pussy.

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