Just that one girl, or can many do this?

I had a girlfriend a few years ago who was built like a Playboy Bunny! Large breasts, big pink nipples, small waist, nice round pale butt.
The girl liked sex!
She was a nurse....maybe that had something to do with it. She learned in med school that women need to practice doing Kegel exercises...."to strengthen the pelvic floor."
Anyway - one night she was being goofy while I was in her - and she did this thing with her pussy that clamped down around on my dick like a friggin' vice!
I was really trapped in her cunt - I don't think I could have pulled out if I wanted to.....But I sure as hell did not want to pull out of that wet, hot, sweet velvet vice!
We couldn't 'fuck' when she was doing that....because it was like she had me in her fist! She liked to do it right after I came in her - kinda milking it all out of me!
It was pretty damn cool! Sexy. Weird!
She also was the only girl I ever fucked who would do a circular grind and grunt every time I came down on her. I finally figured out that it was because this "grind- spin" thing was working the hell out of her clit! She was pretty talented with her hips - wiggling her clit against me.
She sounded like a female animal when we fucked - one time in a camp ground in our tent and I had to put my hand over her mouth! she was making so much noise - and it was a "sex" noise that could not be mistaken for anything else!
Later, she saw something coming ahead - told me to pull over - she dropped her short-shorts and whipped her top off and we fucked under a small roofed area on a picnic table right next to a highway in a western state. Horns were blowing, people were yelling out their windows as they passed. The girl was insatiable! Sliding her jean short-shorts off in the car - taking my hand and putting it in her bikini panties to finger her as she rested and looked out the window as we drove cross-country to California. I loved her pussy taste - like some female animal's honey.
But, that pussy vice thing was her best trick! She did that a few times when my fingers were in her and she was cumming - she's clamped on me and I'd yell "Kelly - I need that hand to shift the VW!" But, I'd just have to wait.....when she finally came down from her orgasm she'd let my fingers slip out of her cunt. (actually - it would have been rude for me to slip them out of her mid-cum. I wouldn't have liked that either. I was just playing with her - trying to embarrass her with that cunt thing she does. But, good luck trying to embarrass a sexy nurse!)
Never had another girl do that to my dick!
Sweet kid - probably still doing that to her lovers out there, somewhere....

Mar 28

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    • I knew a married nurse who had several kids and always talked about doing her Kegel exercises, every time she was at a stop sign. Despite having had several kids, now teens, she had a great fucking body. Her husband was always gone and the more we talked the more I thought about what it would be like to fuck her. She said hiking was good for her, her muscular legs and ass would be proof! She asked me to go a hike with her but I thought it was odd with her wearing a summer dress and hiking boots. She even had a back pack! About an hour into the hike we stopped and she took a blanket out of her pack and spread it on the ground. When she leaned over I got a look at her cleavage and 38DDD tits! She pulling my hiking shorts off and gave my cock a working over! I almost came down here fucking, then she slid her thong underwater off and straddled me. She rub my already rock hard cock with her wet, swollen pussy lips, probably for 10 minutes or more! I almost came again! Then, without hands, she moved her body and my cock disappeared inside her wet pussy. She made herself so tight I had never felt that before. She’s sitting on top me in her summer dress, more like she was a guy fucking me. I don’t know if it’s from years of fucking get husband or what. She started telling me how much she loved my thick cock and how it felt so good tightly inside her. I was touching her big tits and hard nipples as she just rode my cock, her eyes closed! I couldn’t help it but I came so deep inside her. Then, for about 15 minutes, she used her very strong pussy muscles to milk my cock of ever drop of cum. I could not pull out, her pussy was so fucking tight. Plus, it hurt my cock to pull out. On our way home she told me that I hope I like being fuck by her but she needed it. Her husband must be crazy!

    • You reminded me of my ex wife who was built similar and used to do the same vice grip thing.

    • Massachusetts LPN ?! ~ might be the same babe!

    • Left another load of cum in my step daughters panty crotch this morning after reading this. She’s a nurse also. She’ll will be wearing them all day today me knowing my cum is rubbing her pussy lips.

    • Nothing smells better than dirty panties and pussy

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