Would love to give head!

I'm an attractive middle aged male, I'm clean, discreet, love girls, but I have this strong desire to suck cock! I've done it before and love it! I'm average built with long blonde hair, cute or so I'm told, living in Central Pa. It's probably easier than I think to find someone to pleasure, but it is a bit awkward, I'm not sure how to go about asking someone! Any suggestions?

Mar 28


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    • Come and get it I’ll let you swallow my cock and east my cum

    • Where in Central PA are you?

    • I'm in the same boat. I see someone I'd love to suck off but not sure how to approach them. I work in an all military or retired military / civil service environment. So many hot men, but very few give that vibe and seem extremely masculine. I don't want a relationship, I just want their cum in my mouth!

    • You might find it’s a lot easier than you think to get several of the military or civil service men who would love to let you suck them and they would return the favor. I am retired military and I’ve had many cocks. It’s very common for military men to fool around when they are deployed. A lot of them think it’s better to let a man suck their cock because they don’t consider it has having an affair with a woman.

    • It was way easier on deployment. They wanna act all "I'm not gay" here at their home station! Like I deployed with you and we kept each other well drained there Johnny! I guess they're afalraid of what others would say if caught here. What happens TDY stays TDY, right! I don't wanna relationship, I want more of what I got before I retired and came back as a civilian!!! Maybe need to take a civilian deployment t soon!

    • I loved being on deployment many years ago!

    • I’ll cum in your mouth

    • Go to an adult bookstore

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