Wife on sleep meds

My wife is out after taking her sleep meds and I discussed this with a guy on a chat site that convinced me to come over. Sorry to admit I did and let him see her in her underwear at first then after a few more time’s completely naked. After that things happened that I’m ashamed of but enjoyed. My wife now has two men inside her almost every night. What should I do?

Mar 21

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    • My wife was on ambien for sleep, and she woudl drink on occasion while on her ambien and I would try to keep her safe but on one such occasion I was taking my daughter to the NYE ball drop and her daughter was at the house. Her daughter had her boyfriend coming over and they were going to go out for the night as well with friends. My wife was in her sheer nighty and passed out on the sofa when I left. Needless to say her daughter deicded to hang out at the house with several of her boyfriends friends, They woke up my wife had her drinking several wine coolers and glasses of wine on top of her meds. My step daughter decided to go on a store run for more alcohol and ended up hanging out with another girlfriend down the street for a couple house leaving her boyfriend and his buddies at the house with my wife. My step daughter and her boyfriend broke up after that night and my wife admitted to me that the boys touc hed and fondled her chest but that was all she admitted to at the time. Then 9 years later she is off the ambien but was put on another med for sleep and she had a couple drinks and talked to me about things in the past and I asked because she always acted different after that night, I asked are you sure it was just groping? She admitted that 2 of the friends were black guys and the boyfriend was kind of a thug and there were 2 other guys there. One of the black guys asked to see her breasts after feeling them, she indicated that he offered to show his if she showed hers. She showed then he had her suck him then the other took her, she ended up having sex with all the guys. She blamed it on the alcohol and medication. She even admitted it was some of the hottest sex she ever had. When I say she acted different she stopped wanting to be intimate after that. Needless to say we are now separated and divorcing. As a side note she admitted she had a minor infection and stopped sex because of it until it was cured.

    • Fuck yes. When my wife drinks and gets fuckup. I will call my friend over and we will take turns licking her pussy.

    • Me and my mate carried my daughter home after a party at his house,jonny and Louise were only next door,my daughter Sophia was 17 at the time,she passed out drunk after drinking to many shots,we managed to get her upstairs back in our house when she threw up everywhere,help me get her clothes off I said to jonny,she was down to her bra and thong,look at the ass on her he said! Have a feel of it I said! No way mate he replied,out of the way I said and pulled her thong off,I turned her over onto her back and opened her legs,her pussy was staring at us,jonny held one leg while I fingered her cunt and then tasted her! My friend couldn't believe what I was doing,I knew he wanted a turn and talked him into rubbing my daughters pussy! We took lots of pics of her holes

    • Can't pass that opportunity up.

    • It can be alcohol or her sleep medicine but when my wife is acting all flirty around some guy single or married and if things are right, her shy nature changes. The guys really wonder if she’s really that asleep, that out of it. I know what she wants, so when they see what’s under her bulky blue jeans and baggy sweaters, they don’t believe what’s been hiding. The last guy just stared at her as he revealed some either myself or my wife knew. The longest, thickest clean cock I’ve ever seen. He wiped his cock over her face and lips as he told me his wife would never. He touched her DDD tits, kissing them, fondling then and rubbing his massive cock over her big nipples. He looked at her swollen wet pussy lips and asked me if she was really asleep. He told me to put his cock inside. I wrapped my hand around it and rubbed it against her pussy, her lips got longer, wetter. I put him inside and he sunk his cock deep inside. Her whole body moved as he started to duck her like a machine. For being asleep, her face seemed to change, her legs moved a little and after 20 minutes of him fucking my wife he buried that cock deep and came inside her. When he pulled out his cock was still fairly hard. He started to kiss her lips and tits then told me to come here. He layer me on my back next to her, dangled his cock over my mouth as he kissed her tits and lips. I told him I didn’t but I couldn’t resist. I’ve never seen a cock like that before but he didn’t care, he just used me to get hard again. . The next day, my wife said nothing.

    • MY wife is the same way. So are her sisters. Before we married we had great times on just a few drinks. Add a bit of weed and that was all she wrote. Before the kids came along she was essentially freeuse. The more we saw each other the crazier it got. She has a couple sisters, one older one younger that hung with us from time to time who were even easier than the wife. They'd usually be out after mayve two drinks and a joint. One time the wife said her sisters really loved me and wanted to find guys just like me I took that as my invite to bang them too. We did a lot of group activities, camping, weekend trips, vacations, days at the lake. Start with a few drinks, have a joint, wife would get wasted, I'd go have my way with her, put her to bed nude, used and abused then move on to the nexst one. The older sister was usually next as she barely lasted just a little longer drinking or smoking than my wife. She was an easy lay as she was jilted by a guy she had planned to marry, didn't get over it too easily, and had this revenge fuck thing going on for years after. Finally I'd get the younger one to do the nasty last as she could almost hold her liquor and didn't get wasted as easily. The ladies really loved watching each other as they fucked me. This all went away when the sisters married and we had kids. Now here it is 30+ years later, kids are grown, sisters are divorced, aren't seeing anyone and have no intention of remarryingWe resumed things a few years ago and have encounters once or twice a month.. .

    • Yeah, I like the guys to see her in public and give her that look and she can feel ashamed and get horny at the same time.

    • I do the same thing when my wife blacks out when drinking. My buddy and I always tag team her. She thinks it's just me. Over the past 10 years 7 other guys have fucked her, many times.

    • If you don't want to get fucked don't black out

    • You should do a video of it and post on xhamster.

    • Video and share.

    • During dirty talk make suggestions like this to her and sound her out. She may be very willing to let herself be used the way you are already doing it.

      My wife LOVES it when she is taken advantage of when she is out of it. I learned this shocking tidbit one evening as my best friend's wife was bragging about all the fun she had when blacked out drunk in college. She LOVED waking up nude and used, wondering who did what with her. My wife eagerly agreed adding her favorite memories of those wild days. My wife proclaimed loving making the walk of shame in the morning, under dressed. Her favorite time was getting seen walking back to her dorm nude.

      I didn't get the attraction to this. Assuming they are out for the sex, what was the attraction for the woman? The responses I got was along the lines of the thrill of risk and wonder on who did what to them, while they were out. Not knowing which of their friends knew them more carnally than she knew. Also doing sexual stuff without the fear of backing out. It was already done to them, and no one blames the 'victim.'

      I'm not like this. This is NOT my kink. I won't do this, but I already have my wife's blessing and encouragement if I ever change my mind. Talk to your wife and see if this 'fantasy' you are already doing is something she'd like to 'try.'

    • You are facilitating rape pure and simple - hand yourself in and while you are locked up she can find an honest man who will treat her with respect.

    • Bonus: He’ll be getting raped in prison while his wife (well, EX wife) takes real cock.

    • No, I’ll keep doing it

    • I would too

    • Go on with it but let her know what is happening while she sleeps! (but every woman intuitively knows if anyone fucking her in sleep)

    • Probably should stop letting her get raped for starters!

    • I love seeing my passed out wife used like a fuck doll.

    • You should lick her pussy afterwards

    • I know I would

    • Invite me over to take pictures, of course.

    • Since your dick would be limp

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