Cuckolding my husband

When I first started to cage my sissy cucks dicklett up I found my she lost interest in performing sex (I only refer to my sissy husband as a girl now) if I didn't let her cum often, cuck would do as she was told but never had the spark so now I milk her prostate at least daily and some times up to three times a day with prostate milker it is a long thin plastic rod with a nice smooth round ball about the size of a large marble I have her lay over table lube her boy pussy up slide this in the milker and have her tell me about the cocks she sucked or I tell her about the the sexy things I do for my BULLS and lovers as I exercise her prostate and the cum runs out of her clit this makes her so horny but her clit only firms up a little and she can not get a proper hard on or relief so she does anything sexual with great interest now and she can not get any proper relief she only gets very very horny so now I either edge her on for so she has a ruined orgasm at the end of the night or watch as gets hard when she is fucked up her mangina and that is the only way she can get of properly and now after years like this she loves to have her pussy fucked because that is the best feeling for her and she knows if she licks my pussy clean and sucks my lovers cocks and dresses like the sissy she is she gets to orgasm even if it is like a sissy bitch

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  • Love it! What is the secret to milking? My Dom has used fingers and dildo with no success. We’re newbies.

  • Your sissy is truely blessed to have a mistress like you. I too am a sissy and have reached the point where I enjoy anal play and sissygasms much more than ordinary masturbation. Full time chastity and 3 milkings per day would surely feminize me entirely. It would be sissy nirvana.

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  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

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