Desire for Daughter

This is a confession about the love of my daughter's tits. I am an 81 yo man, married to a sexually inactive wife. My daughter is 44 years old. She got married about 11 years ago and gave birth to two wonderful grandchildren, Her husband got out of the Army and was training to work for the FAA on radar systems but while in school in Oklahoma City, he decided to start seeing a 15 yo girl and got caught by police, in a parking lot with the girl, at 4 AM. After being arrested, child porn was found on his cell phone. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison and my daughter handed him divorce papers. She now lives with my wife and I along with the kids.
She is a beautiful girl that could easily pass as for a 20+ yo college student. Soft facial features, natural beauty not requiring make-up to enhance, a few extra pounds, most of which she carries in her breasts. She does have the shelf in her lower stomach caused by repeated pregnancies. Her boobs are very large, 44DD , but she was complaining that she was needing to get a larger cup size. We have no issues with nudity inside the house, not to sat we are nudists, but the occasional nude body is not unusual. I get to enjoy her big titties about once a month or so. They hang off her chest like two large teardrops. Her tits and areola are pale, her nipples pink. Her areola are about 2" in diameter with eraser-sized nipples. They do not get too long when excited.
I suffer from Erectile Dysfunction (ED) so any kind of penile penetration is not possible. Also, since I can't get an erection, I can be excited but not show it. I can look at her tits and I want to feel them up and lick and suck her nipples. She doesn't seem to realize my desire, thankfully, as if she did, she would become a lot more cautious about being seen. She does not wear a bra in the house and if she looks over my shoulder at something on my computer screen, that big, soft tit pushes into my arm and shoulder.
I have wondered if she could be bi. I don't think so, but I believe given the right situation, she could become bi. She has several friends with big tits. One of her best friends moved to Colorado who has a FF cup and is bi. She is now separated from her husband and is coming back east to attend a seminar and visit friends. She will be staying here for two weeks. She worked as a phone sex operator while they lived here but stopped when the company she worked for started ripping off her income. I know that she approached my daughter about having sex but that was while my daughter was married. The situation is now different and it's possible they could get together. Anyway, that two weeks will be extra exciting for me with two sets of huge tits in the house. Love to think about a F-M-F session but not too likely. My wife would throw a fit even though she is not active. I love her very much and at this time in our lives, I will not divorce her, but would love a relationship with our daughter.

Mar 20


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    • Well hopefully your daughter let's you feel and suck her tits I would do this for my dad if he ever asked in a heartbeat and anything else he wanted

    • I enjoyed your comment. Perhaps at some time, I'll get a chance!

    • We are a nudist family. I live with my wife 58yo and me 59yo. Lately my divorced daughter aged 40 moved in with our 7yo grand daughter. Now we all share the same bed naked with me enjoying the warmth and female smell with my cock occasionally touching the ladies pussy hair and my grand daughter's bald pussy while we go to sleep.

    • I'd love to be in that position. Although nudism is not forbidden in this house, it is not prevalent. My daughter has two children, a boy, 10, and a girl, 9. I really have no interest in the kids, only my daughter. I wish we could spend the night together in one bed.

    • I have often given thought to sucking on my daughter's nipples and fingering that pussy, and lately, I've been wanting to lick and eat her pussy and ass. I've never been into anal before, but I've been reading stories about anal-oral and would love to try it. If something were to happen to my wife, God forbid, I would make a play for my daughter, at least to try to satisfy her with fingers and tongue. I know that she could jack me off pretty quickly after I have a few minutes with her luscious titties!

    • Honestly it doesn't hurt to ask or at least throw hints I hope she does this for you. If not I'll sneak over and suck you off and let you feel my pussy and tits. I'm only 27..

    • I wish you lived close enough! I'd be up for that! Thanks for your comment!

    • Used to go over to my friends house before they moved. His 18 yr old daughter would lay on the carpet watching TV with us. She always wore these little boy-short PJ bottoms and the shorty top. Not huge in the boob dept. even though her nips were often on display - all pokey under there! He back dimples cutely exposed as her shirt rode up.
      But the way she laid in front of us.....was pretty hot. Perky tight athletic butt! The fabric in her crotch would ride up between her young firm cheeks,,,, bare bum & panties would peek out, and if her dad and I were lucky - you'd catch a little glimpse of her bare girl area way up by her lips! Yeah - he watched too! He said his wife would rag him about why he was so horny for her after one of those evenings with his daughter putting on a show for us men! But wifey enjoyed his horniness! She never told the girl to put more on her little butt, but it was obvious she was jealous of the attention she was getting.
      I'd go home and beat-off to that girl's butt and crotch-show!

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