Transformed IV

Our transformation was moving forward. My wife was coming out of her shell. We bought her some sexy new clothes. Got our pool fied and functional. She teased the pool guys. The sex was great. We were closer than ever.
Ken and Nate had finished the pool. New pump, new filter, new liner. They were supposed to come back every day for a week to make sure the equipment was running right, thr levels were right and make sure we knew how to maintain the new system. Kelly had teased them a couple times while doing the work and finally a topless dive in the pool on their way out.
She was a horny mess when I got home that night. She told me the whole story. After some great sex, we were talking. She asked again if I was upset with her antics. I said, definitely not, and asked what she was thinking. She said she wasn't thinking, just letting it happen. I encouraged her.
We both went to work the next day. Ted left a note saying everything was good and someone would be back to check on things. Kelly didn't work on Fridays. That night, I asked her what her plans for Friday were. She said, no plan, just see what happens. I made sure she knew everything was Ok.
I went to work in the morning after a quick romp with my beautiful wife. She was going to work on getting the pool area fixed up. Around lunchtime she took a break and was laying out on a floating chaise. Topless in a micro-thong. She was relaxing when she heard the gate open. She knew it was the guys checking on the pool. She made no effort to cover up. She actually closed her eyes and acted like she was asleep. When she could hear them, she took a peek. It was Nate the helper, no Ted around. He was trying to to his job but kept staring at her. When he went to check the filters, Kelly moved the chaise so it would be facing the pool house. She pulled the front of the thong tight into her pussy. Not much left to the imagination. Nate came back out and intentionally made some noise. Kelly woke up in looked a Nate. She put her arms across her chest covering her tits. She apologized, saying she didn't expect anyone. Nate apologized for intruding. Kelly told Nate all was good, that she didn't know why she was covering up, they'd already seen then. She moved her arms and asked if it was OK. Obviously he was OK with it. He stared, got a little chub in his shorts and left. She was so horny, she rubbed her pussy to orgasm right there in the pool. She told me the whole story when I got home and had great sex and talk. The next day was Saturday. I was doing yard work and Kelly was working around the pool in one of her new micro bikinis. Ted and Nate showed up to check on the pool. They were acting a little nervous with me around. They did everything to avoid looking at my wife. Ted did notice that the water level was down. He said Nate would have to check for leaks. Probably around a light or filter connection. Well, Kelly got a big surprise. Nate took off his shirt and dropped his shorts. That dude had it going on. Of course he did, about 20 years old, good upper body no fat and what looked like a pretty big wad in his little, probably a size too small speedo. Kelly was taking it all in. She actually licked her lips while looking at his crotch. Nate saw that and we all saw his pretty big wad get bigger. He was trying not to look in our direction while he got his mask. He was probably about half hard when he jumped in. Kelly looked at me with a smile. She asked Ted if it was alright if she floated around in the chaise and got some sun. Sure go ahead, you won't bother Nate. She pulled off her top and jumped in. Nate was checking around the drain when she jumped in. When he looked up and saw my wife above him, he blew out all his breath and surfaced fast. He was breathing hard. We all laughed. Nate told Kelly to warn him next time. Kelly asked, what's you problem, don't like surprises? We all laughed again. Nate went back to work, but he kept a close eye on her from under water. That guy could hold his breath forever. Kelly was hanging onto the chaise. She asked if she should surprise Nate again. Ted and I laughed and said go ahead. She pushed her thong off and let it sink to the bottom, then climbed onto the chaise. Nate wasn't paying attention and missed it. The next time he came up for air, Kelly said she dropped something and asked if her would get it for her. He didn't realize she was naked. He dove down and grabbed her thong and was trying to figure out what it was. As he surfaced, he grabbed the arm of the chaise and held up the thong. Now red faced, he handed it to Kelly. She took it from him and said thanks sweetie I don't need that, I just don't want it to be sucked into the filter. He looked down and saw her bare pussy and just sank to the bottom. He came up by the Ladder and climbed out. Well, the big wad in his pants had turned into a sizable cock. Longer and thicker than mine. Kelly was staring now. Nate stood on the side of the pool and checked Kelly out. Kelly smiled and winked at Nate. She asked if he liked what he saw. He said yes, how bout you. She said, she hasn't seen it yet but it looks like it might be good. Nate looked at Ted for guidance, I guess. Ted smiled and said, you're on your own. Nate jumped back in the pool. When he came back up, he dropped his speedo in Kelly's lap. She flipped the chaise and went after him. He made for the steps and she was right behind him. Ted and I were just watching the fun. Nate was now sporting a full, stand up near your belly, about 8" hardon, slapping around as he moved. Kelly came out of the pool, right behind him. I asked her what she was going to do if she caught him. She said we'd have to find out. After not trying to get away she caught Nate. She had her hand wrapped around his dick. She looked at each one of us, one at a time, with a smile on her face and a gleam in her eyes. She led him by his dick to the chaise on the patio. She pushed him down on it, with his dick still in her hand. I asked, now what ? She looked me straight in the face and smiled while she started stroking his cock. She spit on it, stroked, spit and stroked. I was waiting for her to put it in her mouth, but she kept spitting and stroking, now with both hands. After a few minutes, Nate blew his wad all over the place. It was awesome. She looked at me with a wicked smile, bent over and cleaned up the mess. She came over to me and asked if I was mad. I asked if she had fun, she said yes with a big smile and a little cum around her mouth. She pulled my head down and gave me a deep kiss. I could taste Nate's cum. She turned and headed into the house and said see y'all next time.
More to cum....

Mar 20

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    • Saw somebody else post about run-on sentences with you. They're right. This is completely unreadable.

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