Im straight,I thought ,now having gay thoughts

Im 19 ,have dated girls , but secretly have the desire to suck a cock .
It started last summer , my friend and I fooled around with a female friend we have ,and when she was sucking him ,I got excited and couldnt stop watching ,wishing it was me sucking him . What should I do ?. Should I tell him ?

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  • When I was younger, I had a similar experience.

    The big difference was , she noticed my interest, and asked me if I wanted to “try it”.

    I did.

    No regrets.

    In the interest of ‘full disclosure ‘, I told the woman I married about that summer.

    For years she never said anything. Then she started hinting at a threesome involving another guy.

    Maybe one day....

  • We had a threesome with my wife's lover ( at the time ). He had told her that his big thing was getting husbands of his lovers to swallow his cum. It was a "power thing" he told her. So, we arrange a meeting at our home, and get down to business. We're spit-roasting her, she's sucking me while he fucks her doggy style. Before he pops off, he pulls out, peels off his condom and I start sucking him. He has a huge, very forceful, very vocal orgasm. I drink every drop of his copious load. Later he admits, "You suck cock better than her ! " I took it as a compliment. The next evening, after much wine, I suck him to erection before he fucks her. He brings her to three or four orgasms, then, pulls out and wants to fuck my ass. I allow him to do this, he takes forever, and again has a loud orgasm. He says, in front of her, " Man, his ass is WAY tighter than your cunt ! " Long story short, she gets tired of him, and he her, but he falls for ME ! So, be careful, whatever you do. And, good luck !

  • Iv been married several happy years and while taking my turn opening and locking up a small sports club i started get this terrible attraction to a lad of your age who was all ways last out the showers and all ways last to leave.He had this habit of soaping up his cock near enough semi hard while talking to you as you worked .I just could not help looking down at it and i ended up sucking him of it .It filled my mouth and as soon as he`d come in my mouth he could not get away fast enough .He kept coming back but i soon lost all intrest and the urges are gone

  • Just have a threesome and start sucking his cock while she is sucking it. Or tell her how u feel and during your threesome have her say I would be very turned on if I could watch u suck his cock.

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