First Time Cuck

I had been married to my wife for nearly five years, and our relationship was as strong as ever. We were still deeply in love, but we wanted to spice things up a bit. That's when she came up with the idea of having me eat another man's cum from her pussy.

At first I was hesitant; it seemed like a strange request. But, I eventually agreed because I loved her and wanted to make her happy. She said that she would be responsible for finding someone who was willing to partake in this type of activity with us, so all I had to do was go along with whatever happened next.

My wife found an old friend of hers who agreed to come over one night after work and have some fun with us both. The three of us went into the bedroom where he started pleasuring my wife orally while I watched from the side-lines with amazement (and envy!). He kept going until she reached climax multiple times before finally allowing him to insert his penis inside her vagina and continue thrusting until he released his load deep within her walls.

When he finished, he pulled out and told me that it was now time for me to finish off what he started: by eating his cum out of my wifes' pussy! At first I felt uncomfortable about doing such an intimate act on someone else's body but then again something inside me knew that if this is what made my wife happy then why not? So without further hesitation or doubt, I leaned down between my wifes legs and began licking up every drop of semen out of her vagina until it was completely clean! It tasted salty yet sweet at the same time which really threw me off guard – however something about tasting another mans cum mixed with my wife's pussy felt strangely empowering in a there were no boundaries between us anymore!

Mar 18


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    • I have to wait. My wife's FWB is a very virile man and he usually is able to go almost an hour without cumming. He really wears her out and if they end up doggie on the side they just lay there and take a nap. she like him to keep his cock in her.

    • I have done the same thing but I always insist the guy suck my cock while I am eating his cum from my wife. I cum in his mouth while I taste his cum. It’s great.

    • I love cleaning my wifes pussy when she fucks someone else. She brings me a creampie home almost every Friday night, well sometimes Saturday morning. We love it. Over the past 20 years I have tasted well over 200 different mens cum.

    • Lucky man

    • I can still remember the first time I cleaned my wife's pussy after a guy had just cummed inside of her. My wife wanted to have a threesom with a guy that she worked with. She made all the arrangements with him and she ended up bringing him home with her. I let him have her first as I just watched from the side of the bed and they fucked for a long time with her riding his cock and he was fucking her from behind she was enjoying herself because his cock was a lot bigger than mine and he was fucking her deep. Then he put her on her back with her legs up over his shoulders and fucking her very hard he was about to cum and she grabbed his ass and told him to cum inside of her. When he got off of her I got on the bed between her legs and I was going to fuck her next but as I was getting on top of her she pushed my head down towards her pussy telling me to eat her pussy and make her cum again I wasn't even thinking about how this guy had just cummed inside my wife as I started licking her pussy but the taste of her freshly fucked pussy and his cum really wasn't that bad and I watched her sucking on his limp cock trying to get him hard again. I could feel her legs tighten up just before she had the biggest orgasm I had ever seen her having before we both fucked her a couple times and each and she was completely satisfied with herself. After that night I always licked her pussy clean after I just cummed inside of her and definitely after someone else had cummed inside her I have no problem being a cuckold for her now.

    • Show your wife pic plz email .

    • I love cleaning my wife's pussy after I have cummed in it. She asked me to go down on her while we were dating after I had finished and she hadn't gotten off yet. I was hesitant at first but we both loved it. We have been doing that for 25 years now.

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