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I like having my pussy stretched some He put his whole hand in there a few times, took a lotta lube and some time but felt pretty good..
Do kinda feel bad for the maid that had to clean our room after the first time I kept saying more fingers and it just ended up happening didn't meant to leave that wet spot sorry...
Go watch some of a women being fisted on porn videos and tell me they don't enjoy it..

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  • Ok thank you I will keep that all in mind And I think you are right trust will be the issue now just fingering her to get her started last night she was really tense until I stopped kissing her and I went down on her and with my mouth also but she soon just pulled me up on her and asked for my dick which is fine but She defiantly doesn’t trust me right now

  • You can also have a safe word if you want up to you guys
    cool, the sponge area just inside go about 2-3 in. in an out rub it with your finger tips a lot top and bottom well your sucking her clit see if she likes it, if not that's ok
    I also like when he uses his thumb pushing a little extra hard on the top you can ask her how hard to push like is this okay less or more? an fingers on my clit feels nice

  • In my case, I have a big and thick cock, Ive been told that my huge size stretches out girls quite nicely.

  • My wife was doing the same thing telling me more finger and she was so wet and starting to cum as I pushed my hand in her and she let me pump it in and out 2-3 times then she clenched and grabbed my wrist and got very upset that I was “fisting her “ I posted the whole story earlier but she won’t talk about it since you like it maybe you can tell me why she got mad?

  • Could be a few things, it is very intimate act being invaded like that she could have gotten scared of the feeling and in the moment this showed as anger, could also be embarrassed to admit that she was enjoying it as much as she was and shocked that it was your whole hand can't say for sure because I don't know her that is my option about it though..
    For us the day after it was all he could talk about and kept saying I cant believe I went all the way up there and it felt pretty neat and things like have you seen the size of my hands lol..
    I would try talking with her about it tell her how much you enjoyed it and how awesome it felt, tell you like seeing her cum like that and like seeing her enjoy herself, ask if you can try again and tell her if at anytime she says she had enough and wants to stop you will stop, and then you have to stop to build trust that you will fallow her instruction..
    also can bring up the fact that they are made to be stretched for baby's heads to come out of, and finely if she give you the go ahead to try again, be sure to use lots of lube Vaseline is good I like the way it heats up.. take it slow and try not to be disappointed if it dosent's happen again the first try you can always try again another time, I would also encourage her to try doing it too I only recently did this and it was pretty cool feeling up there, anyways this would help pre stretch it and then you could fallow with your hand or switch off..
    it dose get a little sore sometimes the next day, but it also hietins sensitivity and makes fingers toys and dick feel awesome after this feeling can last a few days, and try doing a lot of clit play ether you or her on it, that will help with relaxation and when shes relaxed her pussy will be too

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