I’m going to finally act on my bi urges

I’ve seen the Sniffies site in my area and it’s super active. Started talking a bit to a guy I like who is hot and I am going to meet up soon.

9 days ago

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    • I get guys sending me pics all the time on it but I’m picky.

    • In Topeka this is becoming a big thing. I've had some fun with it also. Love it!

    • It'll be the best thing you've ever done trust me,I'm a married man and never thought about guys in that way until an old friend convinced me to let him suck my cock,I too then gave him head,that was 18 months ago,after around 6 months into my bi meetings I finally gave in to his demands to let him fuck me,I should have done it months before,it was the best sexual experience of my life,I've had multiple guys with my friend and my wife still has no idea,I really want to meet up with a couple of black guys and see if it's true what they say about them having enormous cocks mmm

    • I used to suck cock from the old craigslist personal ads back in the day way before Sniffies

    • I had a great experience with sniffies. I discovered a guy in my neighborhood who loved having his cock sucked. It took me a while to work up the courage to contact him but once I did I got more cock in a week than I had in the previous 6 months. After sucking his cock he told me to come back the next day. When I got there he and his two brothers met me at the door. Needless to say, my cup (and mouth) runs over.

    • OP here-funny as there's a guy in my neighborhood who is hot with a great ass on the site and I'm not sure which house but it's pretty close. I'm thinking about contacting him too but it's probably too close to home. When I log in anonymously on the site through my phone, I can set up everything with stats and it doesn't show my location as it says "Not precise". That's what I want-to be discreet. When I try to log onto the site through a computer it only connects using "allow location" literally lands inbetween my house and my neighbors. They're a gay couple, but that's too close to home. If anyone has ideas on how to get "not precise" logging in through the site on a computer, I'd love to know.

    • I wouldn’t worry about it being too close. Gay guys love turning out straights and they absolutely love being a closet guys secret. Close is great. Go for it.

    • I like turning straight guys gay

    • To the one who likes turning straights gay, where do you live?

    • My first still loves to tease me about my first time. He told me I’d figure out I was gay. Then just laughed as the blood left my face. Looking back it was one of my favorite experiences as well. Tell me friend, why do you like doing it so much? Is it about releasing men from themselves? Or is it something else?

    • I was curious for most of my life. I had experimented growing up but I really wanted to get fucked. I did it on my 50th birthday and I loved it. Do it you won't regret it.

    • How long have you been curious?
      It’s going to feel surreal, not quite like you have imagined. Then it’s going to hit you that you’re really a bisexual man and not just curious. Then as time passes you will get where you can’t stand the sight of pussy. A few years down the road to will realize you are a gay man and always have been. It will be so freeing and you’ll be happy about it. You’ve already taken the first step to finding your true self. Follow it through

    • 10 years. I'm afraid of catching something as most of the guys on the site seem to have no abandon and a death wish. I have no desire to catch an STD much less HIV and it seems there's a ton of reckless abandon. But to answer the question, I am 100% sure I am bi and my cock gets hard just thinking about feeling another man's balls.

    • I'm the OP who responded above about 10 years.

    • That’s not true. I love a big cock filling my mouth as well as sticking my tongue in pussy. Some of us are lucky to be Bi….we love 100% of the population…. Men and Women

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