One of my wife's biggest fantasies....

She saw it in one of the few porno movies she's ever seen.
"Husband comes home and catches wife getting thoroughly fucked by a Fabio-like guy on their kitchen counter. She's sitting on the counter and he's between her legs.
Her legs are wrapped around his butt. He has her butt in his hands and is really ramming her. They are both grunting and talking dirty to each other."

She said if she was ever going to fuck another guy - this is what she'd like to happen. To be caught at it in her own home - with me coming in unexpectedly - catching her in the act!
Getting fucked on our kitchen counter......with her eyes closed , doesn't know I'm there until after she comes and he comes big-time in her!
Really gets her hot to imagine this!

9 days ago

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    • If you dont dive face first into that used pussy, your fantasy is worthless. A good cuckold eats the cum! Always! Don't argue either, eat it!

    • Hell yea! Eat it cuck!

    • My wife's fantasies involve another woman, it makes us both so hot

    • She already has someone in her mind that she wants to fuck

    • All women have this type of fantasy. My proper wife does too. The dialogue about it makes her cum fast and loud during sex. It turns me on to see her so turned on

    • I'd disagree that all women have this fantasy. My buddy was eavesdropping on my wife's card club and they were talking about women acquaintances that they knew that had or were having an affair and/or swinging. They were laughing at the husband's that knew or encouraged and watched.
      He said my wife said that she would never want me watch her have sex as thar I'd most likely be jealous of what she would do to a partner that she wanted to make love to instead of have sex with. They all had a great laugh at that.

    • Soo true!

    • Tell your friend to get a joe dirt wig and live it out for real.

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