LA Nights

Well, I am not proud of myself for having done this.
The wife of a friend of mine, I will call her Carol for this confession, was in dire straits after her husband, my old army buddy, of 17 years died of cancer last year. She now has to raise her two daughters, ages 16 & 12 all alone. Carol was an illegal immigrant from Mexico, but she married Tyler and became a became a citizen. She never had to work, so at age 37, and with little command of the English language, is having to go out and find work. In the meantime she had lost her apartment and she and the girls needed a place to stay. They came to me because I was a friend of Tyler’s, and being single, had plenty of room at my house.
They slept in the same room. I go to work and Carol cleans and takes care of the house.
After having them here for a few weeks I began to eye them and have dirty thoughts. I would steal their dirty panties out of the laundry room and masturbate into them. I felt like I had been given this golden opportunity to have a house full of girls that I could perv over, and I did trust me on that.
Whenever they were out of the house I would go to their room and jerk off on their beds with their pictures and clothes. Best of times.
However, after being around them and witnessing their struggles, well I just couldn’t see them like sex objects, stopped messing around. After five months of staying with me, they left for San Diego California to live with some relatives. From what I hear Carol and her girls are doing well.

Feb 21

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    • Guilty for what? Did the lady pay rent? If not, then you should have gotten more out of her.

      Dude, I hate to put down a guy who served our country, but don’t simp for that lady.

    • Ok, first of all, Carol is a cunt. Hear me out. She has no respect for this country. Gave us the finger by coming here illegally, no respect for our laws. Second, and to prove no respect, doesn’t learn English after 17 years? Seriously? I can’t fault the girls, they are only innocent daughters a of a cunt. Not cunts themselves. And lastly, they left because you kept stealing their panties and they got tired of sleeping on itchy crusty dried-cum sheets. To quote Joe Biden, “C’mon man!” Feel guilty. You should. Not because of your little secret. But because you screwed it up. You had a good thing going. Could have been getting lots of Mexican cunt pussy (maybe the girls too as they aged) if you played your cards right. But now you’re just jerking off to bad porn with the soft fajitas she left behind that look like pussies when you fold them over.

      PS - Thank you for your service to our country. And I thank your late friend for his service.

    • Brother, you are so right! That dude should have just played it smooth and enjoyed the Mexicali honeys. What an opportunity to have all that cunt under one house.

    • A guilty conscience sucks.

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