Wife and my ex gf

This is a follow up to a post called wife likes topless parties. In that post my wife invited my ex gf over for a topless party and handcuffed my ex because she likes being helpless. After that party my wife wanted to invite my ex over again to give the guys a girl on girl show. This is what happened.

My wife and ex became good friends and both liked being looked at by the guys. They had a plan but only they knew what that plan was. When the ex gf arrived, her and my wife talked and then later they appeared to be having an argument. I heard my ex gf say no that’s not happening. Both of them had short skirts on and looked very hot. Then it got physical and they ended up in the middle of the floor wrestling with each other. I wasn’t sure if this was a show or they were really fighting. Either way the guys were enjoying it.

In the process of wrestling I heard my ex say if you want them to see titties then they can see yours and somehow had my wife’s shirt half off her head and kept wrestling until she got it completely off. Of course the guys were liking it and the girls in their short skirts showing their panties as they wrestled. Now my ex had my wifes hands above her head and was sitting on them. While my wifes hands were pinned my ex was working on getting my wife’s bra off. My ex was saying if you want to show them titties we will show them yours. Then my ex got my wife’s bra undone and exposed my wife’s titties to everyone. Then she had my wife’s arms behind her and stood her up. My wifes titties were fully exposed to the guys and my ex reached around and ran a hand over my wife’s tits and said yeah look at these titties because your not seeing mine. Then she pushed my wife onto the laps of the guys on the couch and said she’s all yours. My wife got up from their laps walked over to my ex and pointed a finger in her face and said you’ll pay for this and went into the bedroom.

When my wife returned she was still topless and came after my ex again. My wife had something in her hands and was wrestling in the floor with my ex gf again. She wouldn’t let go of whatever was in her hand and my ex gf was getting best of my wife again. My ex girlfriend was setting on my wife’s back and my wife couldn’t reach back and get ahold my ex. My ex was trying to get my wife’s skirt off. My wife was yelling no No Nooo as my ex had unzipped my wife’s skirt and was taking it off. The skirt came off and my wife was in just her thong panties. My wife was yelling get off me you bitch. My ex said you wanted to show them titties, how about showing them pussy too. My wife was yelling no no stop stop you bitch as my ex was doing her best to get my wife’s thongs off. In the process my wife had managed to roll onto her back and my ex was now setting on her stomach facing my wife’s feet. My wife was grabbing at my ex and kicking her legs because my ex had my wife’s panties down to her knees and kept pulling on them until they came off. Setting on my wife’s stomach my ex leaned back on her hands and put her heels between my wife’s legs and pulled her heels backwards. My wife was yelling no no you’re not going to spread my legs. Even as my wife was yelling my ex was succeeding and my wife’s legs were now spread wide and pussy exposed. The guys were loving my wifes shaved pussy. My wife saw her opportunity as my ex was leaning back on her hands for leverage. Now I realized what my wife had in her hands. Handcuffs!

My wife put the handcuffs on my ex’s left wrist and gave it a pull. This toppled my ex off of my wife’s stomach and since my wife had control of my ex’s left arm my wife was on top of my ex’s back grabbing her right arm. Pulling on both arms my wife got my ex’s hands behind her and handcuffed her right wrist. My ex was yelling nooooo! As my wife now had my ex’s hands handcuffed behind her. My wife didn’t seem concerned that she was naked in front of everyone. She grabbed my ex and stood her up. My wife looked at her and said you should have just shown your tits.

My wife at that point proceeded to untie my ex’s halter top. My ex was telling her to stop but my wife was determined my ex was showing her tits tonight. As my ex protested my wife got her halter top off. With my ex’s hands handcuffed behind her, her titties were fully exposed to everyone. My wife stood behind my ex and put her arms around her and played with my ex’s titties and nipples in front of everyone. My ex was saying stop no, OMG not my nipples. My wife had learned from the last party that playing with my ex’s nipples was her kryptonite. My ex’s protests were growing weaker the more my wife played with her nipples. My ex’s nipples were rock hard and my wife wasn’t giving up. My ex was squirming in front of everyone as my wife continued on her nipples. My ex was looking at everyone and saying OMG my nipples, my nipples as my wife had them between her thumb and first fingers tugging and rolling them. My ex had basically stopped fighting and was pushing her chest out and watching my wife play with her sensitive nipples.

My ex was losing her fight the more my wife played with her nipples. My wife told my ex, time to lose the skirt. My ex whined as my my wife continued her nipple play with one hand and unzipped her skirt with the other. My ex moaned what are you doing? No not my skirt nooo as my wife had it unzipped and with a little tug it fell to the floor. My ex whined I’m sorry I showed them your pussy. My wife was relentless on my ex’s nipples and said that’s ok because in a minute we are going to show them yours. My ex moaned you are already showing them my titties. My wife said I’m talking about your pussy. My ex said no please, play with my nipples if you want but not my pussy. My wife said you thought it was ok to show everyone mine. My ex said I’m sorry, I’m sorry I shouldn’t have done that. My wife said that’s ok we’ll be even when they see yours. My wife looked at me and motioned for me to come closer. I did and my wife whispered for me to massage my ex’s nipples for a minute. I took her place. It had been a long time since I had played with them. My ex felt my hands on her breasts and I started working my magic on her nipples like I used to. She looked at me and smiled like it had been a long time too. My wife returned with rope in her hands. My wife said you keep doing what you are doing. I did. My wife teased my ex by saying are you ready to show your pussy? My ex said nooo noooo. My ex looked up at me and whispered do you want to see my pussy too? I whispered back as I played with her nipples, I would love to see your pussy again. My wife started pulling my ex’s panties down. My ex moaned oh please not my panties too. My wife didn’t listen and pulled them down and off her feet revealing my ex’s pretty shaved bare pussy too. My wife teased her by running her hand over her bald pussy. Then my wife knelt down and started tying a rope to her left ankle. My ex looked down and said OMG what are you doing. My ex looked up at me and said everyone can see my pussy. I whispered I always liked showing it to others when we were together. When my wife had a rope tied to both ankles she took my ex and told her to lie down on the floor. My ex did as she was told. I think she knew she was helpless. My wife took one rope and tied it to the footrest on the bar. My ex said what are you doing as she kept her legs together. When my wife had that one tied then she grabbed the other rope and started pulling it toward the couch. My ex said OMG what are you going to do? Stop, stop! My wife didn’t stop and kept pulling on that rope. My ex said stop please stop don’t spread my legs! My wife pulled until my ex’s legs were spread wide and tied it to the leg of the couch. My ex looked pretty hot naked with legs spread and pretty pussy on display. My ex looked at everyone looking at her spread on the floor. My ex moaned how helpless she was. I knew then that this was all planned. My wife fondled her and licked her and fingered her while everyone watched. My ex was almost giving a play by play as she mumbled oh oh you are licking my pussy. Then it was oh my oh my your fingers are inside me. She said OMG I’m so wet. My wife said I’m going to make you cum. After ten minutes my wife moved to her side and started sucking her nipples and fingering my ex at the same time. My ex started saying ohh my nipples. My wife said how does it feel to be helpless? I can suck you, lick you or finger you and nothing you can do to stop me. My ex said OMG. My wife started telling her as she sucked her nipples, I have your nipples in my mouth and your legs spread wide for everyone to see your pussy and I’m going to make you cum. My ex was saying I’m so helpless I can’t stop you from doing anything to me. OMG my nipples, my pussy, I’m cumming. My ex started shaking and sure enough she was cumming. After that my wife got up and left my ex naked and spread for everyone to look at. Everyone had enjoyed the show. After about 10 minutes my wife said you can untie her. I knelt down to untie her ankles. I was getting a good view of my ex’s pussy and she knew it. After I untied her first ankle and moved to the other she left her legs open for me to look until the other ankle was untied. Once untied I helped her up. My wife took the handcuffs off and my ex was free. My ex then tied my wife and did the same to her. I loved my wife’s pussy willingly on display. A god evening for all.

Mar 15

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    • I had two ex girlfriends show up at my house together and I thought oh shit whats going on here. They said they had met at a bar and one was talking about me and the other called me by name and said I know him. We got to talking and found out we had some things in common. I had friends over but I invited them in. After about 30 minutes one of my ex’s said do you still like showing your girlfriend to your friends? I didn’t say anything. I just looked at the guys that were at my house wondering where this was going. The other one said it’s ok. Thats one of the things we had in common. We liked it when we were with you that you wanted to show us to your friends. I relaxed a little and said well I’m glad. I asked what brought them over. They said they were headed to the bar and saw the cars at my house and decided to stop because they thought I might be having a party. I said so you both decided to stop and see if I wanted to show off my ex’s. They laughed and said something like that. I said well help yourself, I would love to show you both off to my friends but that’s up to you. To shorten this a little they both ended up naked. My friends were like, dude why did you let either of them go? We all had a good time and my exs never made it to the bar.

    • I had an ex that liked to be tied helpless too. She liked having her hands tied above her head and her ankles tied to each side of the bed making her spread eagle on the bed. She liked having sex that way. She said she got turned on being helpless to whatever I wanted. I told her someday I wanted to show her naked to my friends. She said no way!! I said she could play naked hostess for us. Again she said no way!! Later she giggled and said I guess if I was tied to the bed there would be nothing she could do but that was the only way my friends were going to see her naked. I knew the idea excited her. One day I had friends over and we were all by the pool. My wife joined us in her bikini. I suggested skinny dipping but my wife said no. She said I told you there was only one way that would happen. We picked her up and carried her to the bedroom. She was telling us to stop and what did we think we were doing. She was OMG OMG as we tied her hands above her head. She looked at me and said you wouldn’t. I untied her bikini top and took it off. She was saying come on guys stop. I untied her bottoms as she squirmed saying your kidding, you wouldn’t. I pulled her bottoms off leaving her naked. She looked at us helpless on the bed. I said now her legs. She said what? No, come on you’re seeing me naked. The ropes went on her ankles and we pulled them to the side of the bed. She was OMG you are spreading me? 30 seconds later my ex was spread eagle naked for all of us to see. No one had sex with her we just looked. After the guys left we had great sex. Still tied she said she couldn’t believe I did that. Then she laughed and said it was exciting. She said I’m never going to play naked hostess for you and your friends but we could tie her naked anytime. She said she loved being helpless and naked and everyone looking.

    • Something similar happened to my wife but it was a poker party and one of the guys brought one of my ex girlfriends to the party. My wife didn’t know she was an ex of mine. The girls weren’t playing and were just chatting. My ex asked my wife if she ever played strip poker. My wife said no, have you to my ex? My ex told her yes several times. My wife said did you win or lose? My ex said she had won a few times but mostly lost. My wife asked if she ever lost everything. My ex said she had. My wife said OMG. Weren’t you embarrassed? My ex told her it was exciting even if you lose. My ex said nothing like being down to your panties and losing and your panties coming off in front of everyone. My wife laughed and said I can’t imagine. My ex talked her into trying it except they didn’t play. They stood behind us and if my ex’s date lost she had to remove something and if I lost my wife had to do the same. My ex’s date lost a couple hands and my wife took off my ex’s top and bra. My wife was blushing looking at my ex standing topless for everyone to look at. I lost and my wife had her top removed. I lost again and my wife asked my ex to take her skirt off instead of her bra. My ex said you don’t get a choice. My wife said please please please! My ex said I shouldn’t be the only one showing titties and took my wifes bra off. My wife was so embarrassed with everyone seeing her titties. I lost again and my wife said OMG. Fast forward a few hands and my ex was losing her panties and my wife only had panties on. My wife was in disbelief as my ex was standing naked. Next hand it was my wife’s turn. My ex said the game is over for us any way we don’t have anything left to lose. My wife was blushing as my ex slowly slid her panties off. We played two more hours with both of them remaining naked. My wife admitted later it was exciting for her and would do it again if there was another woman doing it too.

    • My young wife agreed to strip poker one night with me and two male friends of ours. She was wearing bikini panties and one of my T-shirts - ready for bed when she had some wine, and joined us in the living room.
      I wondered what she was going to do - as I stacked the cards so she'd lose before she changed her mind about the whole thing!
      She lost the first hand, got up from the couch where she was laying, stood up and reached under her T and hooked her thumbs into the side of her blue panties and down they came - catching for a moment up in her crotch - before spring down. She used her foot to toss them - a buddy caught them and immediately brought them to his face to smell! Fortunately she was laying back down and didn't see that!
      Next hand she lost again - surprise. She was so tipsy she didn't catch on....or maybe she did....because she really thought these two guys were pretty hot! She'd talked about them as we fucked sometimes!
      So, now she's naked. 5'6", 130lbs, blonde brown eyes.....cutest tight butt ever and small B-cups with bright pink nipples. She thought her boobs were too small - that's why she removed her panties first! (told me later)
      So - we plied her with another glass of wine - then she said, "Well now - a naked girl in front of 3 men. Wonder what is going to happen next?!" and laughed.
      My one buddy took pity on her and said maybe you could just let us see a naked woman in some poses we'd suggest?
      That was pretty tame compared to where I thought this was heading....!
      So she brought down a big blanket for the floor, she sat on it and said, "what would you guys like to see?"
      Well, for the next hour, until she finally passed out on the blanket - she went through as many of her exercise poses as she and we could think of. A favorite of all of us was watching her do upside down bicycling exercise. With the pussy up in the air - she looked like she was presenting her cunt for us to eat! Out of space here

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