Question for the ladies

I enjoy the videos of women exposing themselves and/or having sex with delivery men. Have any of our female readers ever tried it? If so, I would love to hear your experiences.

Mar 15

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    • I'm a single 24 year old female. Who love to be naked 24/7 in the privacy of my own home. Yes I have been surprised by friends and neighbors on occasion, that sent me running for my robe to cover myself with.
      But the but most mysterious, hot, and sexual experience I've ever had was one day last summer. I still to this day have no recollection of what exactly happened. It was a bright sunny warm day. Like usual I went outto do some nude sun bathing. I guess I had a little bit too much wine that afternoon, and ended up passing out. When I woke up about three hours later, I had four different large loads on cum that had been deposited on me. My chest, on my belly, on my pubic hair, and my face.
      I still have no idea who, when, or how many boys invaded my privacy. But I wish they would come back, when I'm awake.

    • I left work early as it was a wonderfully warm sunny spring day and I wanted to have some me time sunning my self.
      I got home, and as it was such a glorious day, I stripped off in the living room and went out on the back patio and lay down nude. It was so warm and comfy that I fell asleep.
      When I woke up there was 2 UPS packages by my head. I felt silly at first, but that everyone has a camera phone I panic as I thought wow I just know that it's gonna end up on the internet.

    • Yup, I have seen your pics and have jerked off to them a few times. Hot!

    • I hide in the closet and watched my wife fuck the pizza guy and take his cream pie then I reclaimed her in his cum mmmm

    • I like the rush, I’ve exposed myself to the mailman, UPS, FedEx, Amazon guys, the gardener, my husbands friends, even my sons friends. The look on their faces are priceless.

    • How old were your sons friends?

    • 16 and above

    • Former mailman here… I had a receptionist on my route that would lock the door close the shades and suck my cock until I blew a huge thick cum load on her massive natural tits. On the fucking clock blowjobs… man that was great

    • Neither rain nor blow nor……

    • Yep. Exposure, not sex. An "accidental" towel drop in front of a Deliveroo driver. My flatmate looked on laughing hysterically. In our defence, we were both very drunk.

    • Nice I would like to see that if u would like to talk

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