Pregnant wife

After we got married, I kept trying to get my wife to fuck other men. She always said no that she was afraid that she would get pregnant by someone else, and I would divorce her. I told her that I wouldn't divorce her, but she never would agree to fuck someone else.
When she got pregnant with our first child, I told her that I wanted her to get fucked and now that she was already pregnant, she didn't have anything to worry about. She was starting to show, and she said who would want to fuck me. I told her that many men would and convinced her to go out dancing that Friday night. We went and after dancing a few songs with her I left her at the table and went to the bar. Soon a guy came over and asked her to dance. They danced and after a few songs, he was grabbing her butt and kissing her. She looked at me and I mouthed for her to go with him and do what I wanted her to do. They left and about an hour later I went home. A strange car was in the driveway, and I went into the back yard. There I could look into our bedroom window. I watched as he ate my wife and then fucked her. After he left, I walked into the house, and she called me from our bedroom. She was lying on her back on our bed and his come was running down her and onto our bed. I got between her legs and ate her until she came again and then I fucked her.
My wife fucked eight different guys while she was pregnant with our first baby. While she was pregnant with the other five of our children, she fucked nearly 50 more men. I had only wanted to have two kids but agreed to six since I wanted her to be fucked by more men so that I could eat their come out of her freshly fucked cunt and then fuck her.

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    • I went crazy the first time I got pregnant I guess it was my hormones or something but I was always so horny. I needed sex constantly I cheated on my husband with anyone I could I would come home after being with someone else and wanted to have sex with my husband and he never realized that I had another guys cum inside of me I was almost 7 months pregnant when the urges died down but I had sex with 20 different men by that time.

    • During my pregnancies and while I breast fed each of my children, my boss would beg for breast milk. I'm a secretary in a small insurance office. Most of the time it's just the two of us. I'd pump extra and bring it to work. He'd drink it straight or with his coffee. lol
      Ok, I finally caved after he kept begging to get some straight from the source. His hands felt so good massaging my breasts.
      Funny thing is my husband refused to try it. lol

    • I loved sucking in my ex wife to get milk out lol

    • I've already posted my story on here.
      I used to have unprotected sex with my boss during both of my pregnancies because my husband refused to have sex with me while pregnant.
      I was 23 the first time and my boss was 51 & married. I remember being so horny at times and he new comfortable positions that could get me off every time.

    • THAT is super hot!----- because I think I'm married to you!

    • I had sex with my boss the first time I was pregnant. He never paid attention to me before.
      He knew that my husband was away and he was always so kind and helpful.
      It started with him giving me massages. Then compliments about how radiant I looked.
      I was lonely and horny and I kissed him one day after a massage.
      He was caverlier about it, but after work he took me out to his car and took me to a fancy motel and we made love all night long.
      He must have has a breast fetish as he loved to nursed on my breast and he was so gentle when he did it.

    • Wouldn't it be cheaper to have her tubes tied ant the second one!?!

    • That's so hot! I love preg women and eating creampie! My roommate in college was black and had a white girl friend. I'd eat his cum from her pregnant cunt, then fuck her and eat her again! After college, I'd do the same thing when she was pregnant with each the their three kids. Many times, she'd make me clean her juice from his cock before I got to clean her. I guess I was their cuck and I loved it!

    • My wife and I had the same issues and solved it in a similar way. She'd mess around with guys but refused to go all the way. She wasn't on birth control as she wanted children right away. Once the pregnancy test showed she was pregnant, with me, she was MUCH more willing to go all the way with the blokes she had been messing with. With this first pregnancy she only got with three guys, but to this day they each believe they could be the father.

      Better planned, each subsequent pregnancy came with more men believing that the timing was such that they could be the fathers. I don't do oral clean up. That isn't my bag. I do like a well-used wife to bat next in.

      Once the kid making was finished, and she got both her figure and her drive back, we got to having other experiences that took us in other directions.

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